NASCAR Gifts for Him

If you’re like me, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you’re probably wracking your brain for the perfect gift to get your NASCAR-obsessed BF. (Just kidding, I’m single and have never had a boyfriend who was at all interested in driving 500 miles in circles!) But I digress, anyway, for those of you lucky ladies who are currently courting NASCAR-loving studs, I’m here to help.

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First you need to do a little research – who’s your significant other’s favorite driver? This matters, because most (all) NASCAR merchandize is categorized by driver. So before you spring and buy that beautiful Logo Art Men’s Stealth Watch, you might wanna make sure the recipient is a Jeff Gordon fan. Once you’ve got that figured out, you’re home free. Whether you’re looking for money clips, sunglasses (who knew Dale Earnhardt Jr. had such an extensive sunglasses line?) or wallets, there’s plenty of apparel to be purchased. All with the necessary personal branding.

NASCAR Gifts for Dad

If we’re talking irrelevant holidays, we might as well fast-forward to June and start stressing about what to get dad for Father’s Day. Nothing says, “You raised me right,” like a beer cozy (featuring, of course, the number of dad’s favorite driver). Or better yet, why not cut to the chase and buy some shot glasses. Doesn’t watching other people drive make you want to drink heavily? And Danica Patrick has her own special set, though maybe we shouldn’t get dad started on the topic of female drivers…

NASCAR Gifts for Kids

But what about the children? We can’t forget them! If they’re as self-centered as any other children raised in the 21st century they won’t want some dumb T-shirt with someone else’s name on it. The good news is NASCAR does monogramming, so they can get some dumb T-shirt with their name on it! Or if they’re really die-hard fans, you could even give them a NASCAR Halloween costume. Because what’s youth, if not an excuse to wear overly expensive declarations of your fleeting interests?

NASCAR Tickets

But everyone knows material possessions are passé. So forget everything I just told you and get the greatest gift of them all – NASCAR TICKETS.