NASCAR Wives & Girlfriends

Dating a NASCAR driver doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a fast (except in terms of literal velocity) and loose significant other. In general, the NASCAR field contains a variety of bachelors, daters and married gentlemen. Take Jeff Gordon, perhaps the most family-oriented of the top drivers. In 2006, he married model and actress, Ingrid Vandebosch, in a small private ceremony. Since then, they’ve had two children and formed the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation, which supports children facing life-threatening and chronic illnesses. What a guy.

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Though only three years Gordon’s junior, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has yet to tie the knot. After keeping his relationship with Amy Reimann a secret, for the past several years, he has been bringing her to events and there is no doubt that they’re going steady. The question remains when or if they’re going to take that marriage plunge. How else to birth a Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. into the world??

The younger generation of drivers remains single, and despite his kinda cuteness, Kasey Kahne does not appear to have a serious girlfriend (or he’s really good at keeping her hidden). There are rumors that he’s gay, but come on, just because you’re single, you’re suddenly gay?

Similarly single, Brad Keselowski expressed disappointment, after winning the Sprint Cup Championship in Novemeber 2012, that women weren’t flocking to him. Shortly after being presented with his massive golden chalice, he told reporters, “I’ve always wanted to date a celebrity… I’m just throwing that out there. I think that would be cool… Not a Kardashian, though.” Zing!

Breaking Relationship News: NASCAR Wives & Girlfriends Gossip

In adorable news, drivers Danica Patrick and rival Ricky Stenhouse Jr. announced that they’re official dating (everyone kind of already had it figured out). They’ve known each other for several years and raced against each other the past two seasons of the Nationwide Series. When asked about this new relationship, Earnhart Jr. said he didn’t believe the two drivers’ romance would cause any problems in the NASCAR garage.

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