:basketball: It’s no secret that the Detroit Pistons won big, with the #1 overall pick in this year’s draft with Cade Cunningham. Last year, the team finished with the second worst record in the league. With the addition of “Motor-Cade”, they’ll look to turn things around. The Pistons haven’t had the #1 pick since 1970 and with a young, talented, and likable like player like Cunningham joining the roster, there should be a bit more interest in fans wanting to attend games at Little Caesars Arena and opponent venues.
:basketball: Arguably the biggest news that circulated on draft day was Russell Westbrook being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. The LA native is the final piece to what is now the big 3 for the Lakers (Lebron, AD, and Westbrook). Additionally, the Lakers have added Carmelo Anthony. The addition of both Westbrook  and Carmelo will likely drive demand not only at Staples Center but at opponent arenas as well.
:basketball:Kyle Lowry and PJ Tucker have agreed to deals with the Miami Heat. The addition of both players isn’t too significant from a demand standpoint but will allow the Heat to be an overall better team and likely have a slight impact on demand.
:basketball: Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, and Alex Caruso have agreed to deals with the Chicago Bulls. All players should give the Bulls a boost in the win column this upcoming season and although it might not be too significant, boost demand from fans as well.
:basketball: Kemba Walker is expected to sign with the New York Knicks making it a homecoming for the Bronx native. The homecoming aspect will create buzz and  Kemba might give the Knicks the extra experience and talent they need to make it out of the first round of playoffs, if he can remain healthy.
:basketball: Kawhi Leonard is the most notable free agent this offseason. Although it’s rumored that he’ll be taking meetings with other teams, it’s very likely that he’ll resign with the Los Angeles Clippers.
:basketball: Top 5 draft picks that might cause extra buzz/excitement for their respective new teams

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