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NBA Finals 2011 Dates

The 2011 NBA Finals will be a seven game series between the Eastern Conference champions and the Western Conference champions. If you are wondering when do the 2011 NBA finals start you have come to the right place. The 2011 NBA finals start on June 2, at 9 PM ET and the Finals will be airing on TV at ABC starting from the very first game to the last. If the NBA finals go to 7 games, the NBA championship will be decide on June 16th.

The favorites to make the NBA Finals 2011 were the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, but now that number has reduced to just four top notch teams.  The Heat, Bulls, Mavs and Thunder are the last four teams remaining in the NBA Playoffs and will battle it out over this tough upcoming schedule. All the dates for NBA finals games are below.

NBA Finals 2011 Schedule / NBA Finals Dates 2011

Game 1 — Thursday June 2, 9 PM ET, ABC
Game 2 — Sunday June 5, 8 PM ET, ABC
Game 3 — Tuesday June 7, 9 PM ET, ABC
Game 4 — Thursday June 9, 9 PM ET, ABC
Game 5* — Sunday June 12,  8 PM ET, ABC
Game 6* — Tuesday June 14, (Chad @ SeatGeek’s birthday, yaya)  9 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 7* — Thursday June 16, 9 PM ET, ABC
*If necessary

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