Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs takes place tomorrow night at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. Pulling in an average resale price of $2,153, tickets to the event are on pace to be the most expensive game SeatGeek has tracked by a pretty significant margin.

As a comparison, here are the top NBA games by average resale price that SeatGeek has ever tracked (started tracking in 2010). Note they are all NBA Finals games from the last two years, and all at Golden State.

Top NBA Games By Average Resale Price

Finals Game Matchup Date Avg. Ticket Price
Game 7 Cavaliers at Warriors 06/19/16 $2,153
Game 5 Cavaliers at Warriors 06/13/16 $2,153
Game 5 Cavaliers at Warriors 06/14/16  $1,412
Game 2 Cavaliers at Warriors 06/07/15 $1,378
Game 1 Cavaliers at Warriors 06/04/15 $1,307

Listing prices haven’t moved too much of late, actually having dropped a bit from where they were last week. It should be mentioned that Game 5 prices dropped pretty significantly in the day leading up to the game, which was not expected considering that was a clinching opportunity for the Warriors. Can’t say that will certainly happen again, but if fans feel priced out right now, it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep checking back.

As a comparison, the most expensive NHL game SeatGeek has tracked was Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup between the Canucks and Bruins that had an average resale price of $1,927. The most expensive NHL game in the US was Kings-Rangers Game 3 in the 2014 Stanley Cup, which had an average resale price of $1,558.

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(Image courtesy Bryce Edwards via Flickr.)