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Start Time: 9:00 PM EST
Date: Tuesday, June 18
Location: American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

There isn’t one single word in the English language that could fully describe last night’s Game 6. The Miami Heat, who were down by 3 with just seconds left on the clock at the end of the 4th quarter, were able to sink a clutch 3-pointer, courtesy of Ray Allen, and force overtime. The Spurs, who seemed posed for victory, couldn’t fight off a desperate Heat, or get the crucial points they needed to finally end the series. The two teams will go at it again in Game 7, which happens tomorrow.

Surprisingly, after Game 3, ticket prices for Game 6 actually dropped by about $100 dollars. Will we see a drop in ticket prices after the Heat loss in Game 5? Stay tuned here.

NBA Finals Game 6

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Heat Spurs Game 6 Ticket Prices

Primary Market

Dewars Club Level: $750-$850
Lower Level: $250-$750
Upper Level: $250
Balcony: $250

Secondary Market

Average Price: $721
Cheapest Price: $386
*as of 6/11/13

Historical Finals Ticket Prices

Game 2013 2012 2011
6 721 566

*In 2011, Dallas(3) won the series 4-2 against Miami (2)
*In 2012, Miami (2) won the series 4-1 against OKC (2)

Average Finals Ticket Prices

Game Average Price
1 $543.95
2 $598.67
3 $456.47
4 $470.30
5 $530.19
6 $720.64
7 $948.60

Prices for the three games in San Antonio are lower than the ones played in Miami. These stats can also be viewed in the handy graph below.

Average ticket prices are lower for San Antonio games than for Miami ones.
If you want to learn some other interesting facts and figures, check out Seatgeek’s NBA ticket price page.

Game Stats and Highlights

The Spurs led for the majority of the first three quarters, but James roared back to life halfway through the 4th and helped push his team up to within 3 points of the Spurs. With a handful of seconds left on the clock, Bosh found Allen who easily put in a game-tying 3 pointer that forced Game 6 into overtime. Parker and Kawhi both added to the Spurs defense but ultimately the James-Bosh duo forced their way into a Heat victory.

Over on the Spurs side, Tim Duncan had a great game with 30 points and 17 rebounds, Tony Parker finished with 19 points and eight assists, and Kawhi Leonard added 22 points and 11 rebounds. Danny Green, the lean, mean, 3-point-shooting machine, was heavily guarded and a no-factor in last night’s game.

For the Heat, a struggling James managed to turn himself, and his team around, triple-doubled with 32 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds, Chris Bosh provided 10 crucial points and 11 rebounds, and Mario Chalmers also made 20 big points.