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Start Time: 9:00PM EST
Date: Thursday, June 20th
Location: American Airlines Arena, Miami FL

Teams in the NBA finals haven’t played to Game 7 since 2010, when the Lakers defeated the Celtics in probably the most long-standing rivalry in basketball. Now, the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs will determine the 2013 Championship winner tomorrow night, after a desperately played Game 6 in which the Heat clawed their way back from behind to win. It’s make it or break it for both teams.

After Game 3, ticket prices for Game 7 dropped quite a bit (maybe Heat fans were becoming discouraged by their team’s sad performance) — now that the Heat have reenergized their game, price trends might be going in the opposite direction. Curious about what will happen? We have it covered right here.

NBA Finals Game 7

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Heat Spurs Game 7 Ticket Prices

Primary Market

Price Range: TBD

Secondary Market

Average Price: $949
Cheapest Price: $453
*as of 6/11/13

Historical Finals Ticket Prices

Game 2013 2012 2011
7 949

*In 2011, Dallas(3) won the series 4-2 against Miami (2)
*In 2012, Miami (2) won the series 4-1 against OKC (2)

Unfortunately, because the last two NBA Finals didn’t reach Game 7, prices can’t be compared.

Average Finals Ticket Prices

Game Average Price
1 $543.95
2 $598.67
3 $456.47
4 $470.30
5 $530.19
6 $720.64
7 $948.60

Average prices for games in San Antonio are lower than those in Miami. These stats can also be viewed in the handy graph below.

Average ticket prices are lower for San Antonio games than for Miami ones.
For those interested in a more in-depth analysis on ticket price variation through the NBA Finals, Seatgeek has prepared a whole page just for you.

Game Stats and Highlights