Here at SeatGeek, we wanted to take one more look back at the ticketing phenomenon that was this year’s NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. We also wanted to take a look at what exactly the Miami Heat brass and players spent that $200K Championship After-Party Bar Tab on, and what they (or you) could have purchased instead. Here’s what we found:

Thursday 6:00 PM Las Vegas, NV tickets from $35
Monday 5:30 PM Washington, DC

2012 NBA Finals Ticket Prices vs. 2011

• The average ticket to an NBA Finals game on the secondary market was $654.28. This is over $150 more than the average 2011 Finals ticket between the Heat and Mavericks, which went for $501 on the secondary market.

Thunder Home Games v. Heat Home Games

Thunder Heat Finals Ticket PricesIn general, games at the Thunder’s home Chesapeake Energy Arena were more expensive than the games at American Airlines Arena. OKC home games went for an average of $719.46 a ticket, while games in Miami averaged $636.30. The most expensive game of the series was Game 2 in OKC, where seats went for an average of $731.46. Seats for the series-clinching Game 5 game in Miami went for an average of $713.47

NBA Finals Game-by-Game Ticket Prices

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Game 5 Ticket Prices

• In Game 5, the game we looked at in the most depth, there was a wide range in which seats sold for on the secondary market. The cheapest ticket in the house was a 400 Level Standing Room Only seat, which was sold for a measly $145.50. The most expensive seats sold on the secondary market were a pair of tickets in the exclusive Flagship Lounge, which both sold for $7,100.00.

Average Ticket Prices by Section- Heat v Thunder

• Seats for Game 5 also varied a lot by section. The cheapest, upper level 400 seats (which included some standing room only seats) went for an average of $246.29. The next level down, the 300 level went for an average of $354.64. Once we got down to the lower 100 court level is where we really saw an increase in ticket prices. Tickets here sold for an average of $793.12. Lastly, luxury section seats (the Dewar’s Club and Flagship Lounge) went for $3,011.08 on average.


NBA Finals 2012 Ticket Prices After Party Ace of Spades• Lastly, as was documented by many news outlets, the Heat enjoyed a pretty expensive championship after-party at Club LIV in Miami. The players and their entourage racked up a stunning $200,000 bar tab. Included in this tab, was a $75,000 15L Ace of Spades bottle of champagne. For this single bottle of alcohol, 375 tickets could have been purchased in the 400 Level for the clinching Game 5.

Juwan Howard NBA Finals Tickets 2012• Players also shot hand-held CO2 powered spray guns (retail price $1,695), during the party, as shown here in this picture of Juwan Howard. As an alternative to the high-powered guns (which some would argue are a bit excessive), one could have purchased 10 standing room only seats or the cheapest luxury section seats. When we turn our attention to Lebron James’ after-party wardrobe, we find that you could have bought a seat in the front row of the 300 level as an alternative to $395 YSL (Yves Saint Laurents) logo belt, or been 1/3 of your way towards the cheapest standing room only ticket for the monetary equivalent of his $50 3X MVP Beast T-Shirt which portrayed him as a big cat. LeBron James NBA Finals Tickets Prices

What You Could Have Gotten Instead

• Here is a list of what you could have bought with the $200,000 the Heat used on their bar tab:

o 1,000- 400 Level Seats
o 667- 300 Level Seats
o 400- 100 Level Seats
o 80- Luxury Seats
o 2,222- LeBron James Authentic Jerseys
o 1,667- Official Spalding NBA Basketballs
o 28,375- Beers @ American Airlines Arena (1 and a half beers for every spectator at Game 5)

NBA Finals Heat Basketball Beer Jersey

What You Could Have Purchased- Heat Bar Tab

Images courtesy of Footbasket, The Score, and Sports Grid.