NBA Playoffs Outlook

With roughly 20 games left in the NBA season (depending on the team), the playoffs are starting to take shape at the top of each conference and as is the typical situation each season, the bottom seeds will remain in flux until the final weeks.

SeatGeek will bring you a preview of the outlook of each of the teams jockeying for position in the playoffs as well as the teams, like the Miami Heat, who have already solidified their place in the race to the championship.

April, the start of the NBA Playoffs, is right around the corner so keep checking back with us here as the excitement of the NBA Playoffs comes full swing and the match ups are locked in.

NBA Playoffs Teams

If the season ended today, the NBA Playoffs would feature familiar faces as well as some teams who have had up and down years over the past decade. In the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat of course lead the way with the best record in the NBA at 49-14 and currently sitting on a 20 game winning streak. Behind them, the Indiana Pacers, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets form the middle of the pack, all falling within 2.5 games of each other. The final four seeds are made up by the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks (who are all tied right now with a record of 35-29), followed by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Over in the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs lead the pack right now with a record of 50-16 and having already locked up a playoff birth. In the second slot comes the young and hungry Oklahoma City Thunder, who are 1.5 games out with a record of 48-17. The middle seeds are made up by the Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets followed by the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers rounding out the bottom three seeds.

These positions are all sure to fluctuate over the next four weeks, so tune in to your favorite NBA team and see the exciting playoff run action!

NBA Playoffs Schedule

Here is a look at the schedule for the NBA Playoffs.