Well, as you might have heard, the mighty Los Angeles Lakers have been sent packing.

Now the Mavericks have to sit tight while the Thunder and Grizzlies battle it out for the chance to meet them in the Western Conference Finals next week. The ongoing quest of this underdog team is sure to continue to entertain NBA fans.

Dallas fans were willing to pay top dollar for Mavericks tickets for the chance to witness their team complete the sweep and eliminate the Lakers at home: the average transaction price was $223 for Game 4 in Dallas, which is a $152 increase from the average regular season price at the American Airlines Center.

In the meantime, there are still three more series to be decided, and the secondary ticket market is seeing a lot of action. Here’s what Game 5 and 6 tickets are selling for. I’ve also included each team’s regular-season average ticket prices for reference:

Game 5s:

  • Miami fans are paying, on average, $277 to catch Game 5 against the Celtics on their home turf.  This is a $160 increase from a regular season game, and is (as of today) the highest increase for a Game 5 amongst the three remaining series.
  • The Hawks/Bulls game didn’t see as much of an increase, though the Bulls went on to defeat the Hawks and take a series lead of 3-2.
  • I was a little surprised that there isn’t more of a premium being paid to see Game 5 in Oklahoma City, but that number may go up as fans purchase last-minute tickets today.

Game 6s:

  • Game 6 of the Thunder/Grizzlies series at Memphis is currently selling quite high, especially for a Grizzlies home game.  One of the teams will face elimination depending on how tonight’s game at Oklahoma shapes up. This represents a $164 increase from the season ticket average, a higher premium than even Dallas fans were willing to pay for Game 4 (and second only to the Heat/Celtics Game 6 matchup in Boston – which may not be necessary, depending on what happens in Miami tonight).  We’ll see how demand reacts to the results of tonight’s game.
  • On that note, because Game 6 in Boston may not be necessary, that might be somehow affecting the high $282 figure – though playoff tickets in Boston have been notoriously high, it is a bit strange that the only “if necessary” Game 6 in this round also features the highest average ticket price.
  • It will be interesting to see how last night’s Atlanta loss affects the market for Game 6 tickets in Atlanta.  Currently, it has the lowest average price ($101) of any of these six games, and also the lowest increase from a regular season average ($43).

Image via Flickr user keithallison.