Madison Square Garden mid-level tickets
With the NBA season temporarily on-hold we don’t have too much fresh data to report on over here at SeatGeek. Though yesterday there was some interesting ownership and prices changes for the 76ers. But that was an exception, so we decided to take a look back and document our definite source of 2010-11 NBA ticket prices.

NBA Tickets: Prices Average 2010-11 Reg. Season

This data is from the the secondary ticket market for the full 2010-2011 regular season

Team Avg. Reg. Season Price
Los Angeles Lakers $174.64
New York Knicks $133.13
Miami Heat $126.51
Boston Celtics $116.19
Toronto Raptors $102.75
Chicago Bulls $93.28
Houston Rockets $83.41
San Antonio Spurs $79.39
Los Angeles Clippers $73.38
Dallas Mavericks $72.73
Phoenix Suns $72.03
Orlando Magic $67.89
Golden State Warriors $67.26
Washington Wizards $66.74
Memphis Grizzlies $65.97
Atlanta Hawks $60.36
Philadelphia 76ers $59.96
Portland Trail Blazers $59.38
Oklahoma City Thunder $59.14
Cleveland Cavaliers $58.34
Denver Nuggets $58.11
Sacramento Kings $55.28
Indiana Pacers $52.51
Charlotte Bobcats $52.50
New Orleans Hornets $51.08
Milwaukee Bucks $46.60
New Jersey Nets $43.92
Utah Jazz $37.57
Minnesota Timberwolves $35.55
Detroit Pistons $34.49

2010-11 Reg. Season Price Notes

  • The Los Angeles Lakers were the most expensive ticket last year at $174.64
  • The New York Knicks were the second most expensive team at $133.13
  • After much hype out the bat, the Miami Heat finished in 3rd with an avg. price of $126.51
  • In fact, after all the hype the Lakers finished with ticket prices 38% higher on average than the Miami Heat
  • The Timberwolves were the second cheapest ticket on the market at $35.55
  • The Detroit Pistons were the cheapest ticket in the NBA at an avg. price of $34.49

2010-11 Primary Market Price Data

This data if from Team Marketing Report, check out there full report here
Team Marketing report prices
You can see the primary market rankings align reasonably well with the secondary ticket market rankings, but not perfectly. Which of course is do to inefficiencies in primary market pricing at the face value level.

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Image via me (@chadburgess). Feels nice. From the Big East Tournament in 2011.