The Final Four is set, with Villanova taking on the Sooners and the Tar Heels up against the Orange this Saturday.

Currently fans are paying an average of $803 for a full strip of tickets, which gets them access to both the semifinals on Saturday and the championship game on Monday. Fans who want to buy those tickets individually are currently paying an average of $515 for the semifinals, and $455 for the championship.

Avg. Semifinal/Championship Ticket Prices

Year City Semifinals Price Championship Price
2015 Indianapolis $897 $547
2014 Arlington $608 $405
2013 Atlanta $739 $538
2012 New Orleans $360 $236
2011 Houston $392 $357

Since Saturday, after Texas (who comprise 30 percent of ticket buyers) it seems Oklahoma fans are most interested in making the trip, as they make up 10 percent of those shopping. After Oklahoma is New York (9 percent), California (5 percent) and Pennsylvania (5 percent). North Carolina makes up 4 percent, but as the last team to clinch that number is likely to go up.

After Oklahoma won Saturday, median listing prices for the semifinals went up about 13 percent, from $456 to $513. However, 24 hours later they have dropped back down a bit, as the current median listing price for the semifinals is $465.