The NCAA football season is only a week away, and here at SeatGeek we want to help you get back in a football state of mind. So get the sand out of your flip-flops, put on your trusty jersey, (paint your face perhaps?) and root your alma-mater on to victory, just like you did back in ’72. College football tickets have gotten a bit more expensive since your days in school however, and if you’re getting a little old to be sneaking into the student section of the stadium, your best place to find the cheapest, sold-out NCAA football tickets is SeatGeek.

With that in mind, we crunched the numbers to give you the latest in college football ticketing trends for the upcoming season.

As always there are plenty of games between bitter rivals that never cease to get their fans’ spines’ tingling. These games combine stellar play on the field, with a unique history of past battles won and last. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the top two most expensive games of the season are Ohio State vs. Michigan on Nov. 27th, and Oklahoma hosting the Texas Longhorns on October 2nd.

Interestingly enough the Texas Longhorns, despite being the visiting team in two of the top four most expensive games this season, do not have a single home game in the top 25, with their most expensive home games failing to match those of lower profile teams like the Colorado Buffaloes, and their in-state rivals, the Texas A&M Aggies.

Both the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide, and the Ohio State Buckeyes have three games each in the top 10, together comprising 60% of the top ten list. However, surprisingly, the team with the most home games in the top 25, is the Iowa Hawkeyes with four. That means that more than half of their home games, are among the top twenty-five most expensive games, across all teams, all season long.

Additionally, we also broke down the average price for all home games by conference.

The highest conference, as ranked by average secondary market ticket price, is….no conference at all! Rather, it is the average of all Division I teams that are not a member of any conference, namely the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, as well as Army and Navy. Behind those three however, come the SEC with an average price of $157.85, the Big 10 – average price $145.13, and the Big 12, with an average price of $139.86.

Amongst the AP preseason top 25, the cheapest tickets can be found for the #15 Pittsburgh Panthers, with an average price of  only $65.43. Tickets for #3 Boise State can be had for the reasonable price of $110.38.

So if you want to see high-quality football at affordable prices, be sure to check back at SeatGeek’s NCAA football page throughout the season, and as always you can email me at with any questions or comments, and remember to like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter @SeatGeek