We are little over a month away from the start of the 2011-2012 NCAA football season, and here at SeatGeek we are starting to get excited for yet another year of tackles, scandals, and bowl games.  

However, more than any of those things, we are looking forward to watching how college football’s most fierce rivalries unravel in 2011. These rivalries are what make college football to irresitibly electrifying. They can inspire hatred not only between schools’ students and alumni, but between whole states.

So SeatGeek turned to the secondary ticket market to see how some of the NCAA’s biggest rivalries are shaping up before the season even starts. We compared ticket sales and prices for rival teams throughout the summer to determine which team’s tickets have been selling for the most. As ticket prices in the secondary market are driven by demand, we consider this a fairly good indication of which team’s fans are more excited for the ’11-’12 season. 

In terms of pure fan interest, the preseason leaders so far are: Michigan over Ohio State ($190-$183), Navy over Army ($87-$79), Notre Dame over USC ($174-$132), Alabama over Auburn ($205-$167), Georgia over Florida ($242-$209), Oklahoma over Texas ($144-$139). The greatest margin, between Notre Dame and USC, may be partially attributed to the USC’s continuing probation. Meanwhile, two of  the most famous rival teams, Ohio State and Michigan, are neck and neck.

Will this fan interest translate into actually 2011 performances?

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