Oh alliterations. Tim Tebow will be heading into Foxboro to avenge the previous matchup between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos. In Week 15, Tom Brady took the Patriots into Denver, beat the Broncos 41-23, and silenced Tebowmania. The Broncos subsequently fell into a three-game skid, yet managed to sneak into the playoffs. However, Tebow reignited the fever (which can only be cured with more Tebow) when the Pittsburgh Steelers came into Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium last Sunday and the Broncos defeated the six-time Super Bowl champions in overtime.

Saturday 8:00 PM Foxboro, MA tickets from $165

This week’s AFC Divisional Playoff Game is the fourth most expensive Patriots’ ticket this season. With an average price of $301.15, Saturday’s matchup is just behind home games against the New York Jets ($381.46), Dallas Cowboys ($351.93) and the New York Giants ($329.12). It is the second most expensive Divisional Playoff Game that SeatGeek has on record, next to last year’s AFC Divisional Playoff Game against the New York Jets, but by only pennies ($301.81).

As for the Broncos, this AFC Divisional Playoff Game is the most expensive game of the year, home or away. The game at Foxboro on Sunday is 18.57% more expensive than the Broncos game against the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field. This Week 4 game in the throes of the Kyle Orton era ended in a 49-23 loss to the defending Super Bowl champs.

Tickets for this Saturday’s AFC Playoff Game peaked on January 2nd ($426.79 avg. price), the day after the Patriots secured the number one seed and home field advantage. Prices then trended down and bottomed out on Friday, right the Wild Card Playoff Games. Since then, prices have steadily risen and are currently selling for above average.

The cheapest price are four tickets in Section 340 Row 22 at $147, but using SeatGeek’s DealScore technology, the best bang for your buck is a ticket in Section 133 Row 12 for $293. In fact, DealScore lists a lot of great deals for these tickets. For seats in the 100 Sections, these are a great deal for the New England Patriots, the team with the highest average home ticket price.

Head to Head History

In lifetime regular season games, the Broncos hold a 25-17 edge and beat the Patriots twice in post-season play. The playoff victories were generations apart, the first win occurring in 1986 with John Elway handling the reins, and the second win in 2005 where the Broncos forced five turnovers against the Pats, including two picks on Tom Brady.

The last time the Broncos beat the Patriots, however, happened in October 11th, 2009. Josh McDaniels former/new New England Patriots assistant was head coach of the Broncos, the coach who drafted both Tim Tebow and Demariyus Thomas.

Matchup to Watch

I don’t think there’s any real argument. Sure, you could claim that the Patriots’s secondary should be wary of Demaryius Thomas. You could also argue that Champ Bailey should be shadowing Wes Welker. And what are the Broncos going to do about the TE Touchdown Twins – Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski? All those concerns pale in comparison to the real question we all want to know – who has the better hair?

I personally dig the Brady look. It flows so effortlessly – a true byproduct of Gisele’s influence. It’s a look that I aspire to emulate and have done so, with varying amounts of success. However as one who once sported a legit mohawk, Elmer’s glue and all, I appreciate the friar cut of Tebow.

So who wore it best? Tebow or Brady? Let us know here @SeatGeek or drop a comment below. Let us know your predictions for this matchup and if the Broncos can cover the 13.5 point spread (or even pull out another win).