The 2011 NFL Thursday Night schedule continues this week with the New York Jets at Denver Broncos, taking place 11/17/2011 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Jets must travel west on a short week after falling to the division-rival New England Patriots on Sunday night. New York is now tied with the reeling Buffalo Bills for second place in the AFC East and needs to swiftly turn momentum to avoid falling further behind the first place New England Patriots. Coach Rex Ryan continues to preach his team’s “Ground and Pound” philosophy, and that focus could produce a particularly old-school game when they face off with Denver.

The Broncos, now led by the oft-criticized, but more often winning Tim Tebow at quarterback, have won two straight divisional road games to pull within one game of .500 – and division leader San Diego. Beating the long odds laid out for them by analysts at the beginning of the year, the usually conservative John Fox has made a somewhat radical coaching decision to start Tebow and spur these winning ways. With Tebow’s well documented challenges in the passing game on everyone’s radar, the Broncos have installed the kind of “college offense” many believed couldn’t succeed in the NFL: one that includes a heavy dose of the read option.

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Jets vs. Broncos will Test the Option

League experts have long contended that an option attack could not provide sustainable positive results in the National Football League. The “assignment football” it creates, they say, cannot be won by the offense in a league with the amount of elite talent and speed on NFL defenses. Well, Fox disagreed and, in a strange paradox, a notoriously risk-averse head coach decided to shake up professional football by installing an offense that… runs a vast majority of the time. It’s really strange to call an offense that only passes on eight of 63 plays “radical,” but the change is proving difficult for opposing defenses to handle.

Seating ChartDenver is entering this game with its best two backs injured and, essentially, a more complex version of the Wildcat offense that has quickly fallen out of favor around the league after having its 15 minutes as the newest fad on the gridiron. For all of his critics, Tebow’s skill set makes him by far the most dynamic leader of such an offense in the league, and until a team is able to stop him while beating the Denver defense, his record will, as always, be the last word in any argument about his viability as an NFL quarterback. The Broncos seem to believe in him enough to sabotage any “Suck for Luck” plans they may have had: four or more wins isn’t getting you the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

So, it’s Thursday Night Tebow Time for football fans who can’t get enough of the talk about him. Will defensive mastermind Rex Ryan be able to stop him? Is this Denver’s best possible game plan to steer clear of the passing nightmare that can be Revis Island?

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Given the Broncos recent game planning and the Jets’ tendencies to often take the air out of the ball, this may not be the most explosive game of the season; however, with their respective divisions still in reach and interesting matchups between this new Denver offense and a respected New York defense, it certainly stands to be intriguing. If you have questions about Jets at Broncos tickets, reach us on twitter @SeatGeek or write

And, if you do go, please feel free to share your Tebowing experience from the stadium with us.