With an average ticket price of $437, Sunday’s Jets-Pats matchup is not only the most expensive game this weekend, but it will also be the most expensive game of the NFL season so far. The Patriots also hosted the second-most expensive game of the season, the NFL season opener against the Steelers, which had an average resale price of $407.

Tickets to the New York Jets at New England Patriots

The Patriots have only played in four more expensive games than Sunday’s game in the last six years: the 2012 Super Bowl, the 2014 AFC Championship game, and last season’s AFC Championship and Super Bowl. That means that Gillette Stadium has only hosted one more expensive game since 2010: last year’s AFC Championship that had an average resale price of $453.

Overall Patriots home tickets have an average resale price of $305 this season. That’s fourteen percent higher than last season, when Pats tickets were averaging $268 at this point in the season. In fact, through October 21, average Patriots tickets are more expensive this season than in any season in our database.

We usually see ticket prices fall leading up to an event, so the 82 percent increase in median listing price since the start of the season is especially impressive. The get-in price has moved similarly, increasing from $211 on September 9 to $315 currently — that’s a 49 percent jump.
The Jets’ most expensive home game this season, on September 27 against the Eagles, averaged $145 — that’s approximately one-third the price of Sunday’s game. In fact, the December 27 Patriots-Jets matchup that occurs in MetLife Stadium is currently the cheapest game on the Patriots’ schedule, with an average of $136.

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