With both the New York Jets (7-5) and New York Giants (6-6) still alive in the playoff race and calling Metlife Stadium home, we thought we’d look into which side is doing better at getting fans to the games.

Right now, the Jets ($176) trail the Giants ($218) in terms of average tickets prices for home games across secondary markets. For both home and away games, the Giants ($242) rank second across the league while the Jets ($151) come in at No. 7.

The opponents’ combined records don’t seem to be factoring in as the Jets (33-39) and Giants (32-40) are nearly identical in that respect. The issue seems to be that Giants fans are far more willing to pay higher prices to see NFC East matchups than Jets fans are to see their team play AFC East opponents. Giants home games against the Cowboys on Oct. 1 ($234), Eagles on Nov. 20 ($226) and Redskins on Dec. 18 ($200) were huge sellers this year. The G-Men also hosted the Packers ($272) on Dec. 4 which was their most demanded home game this season.”

As for the Jets, their most demanded home games this season were matchups with the Giants ($227) on Dec. 24 and Dallas Cowboys ($217) on Sept. 11. Jets’ home games against division rival New England Patriots on Nov. 13 and Buffalo Bills on Nov. 27 averaged $215 and $147, respectively.