With the NFC Championship Game coming to Charlotte this weekend for the first time ever, there was a large initial demand for tickets from Panthers fans. But since Sunday the demand has dropped, causing prices to fall. The average price paid for a ticket on Sunday was $583, but yesterday the average price paid for a ticket was just $442.

Currently this year’s NFC Championship Game has an average resale price of $549. However, that number has been dropping quite significantly, and will most likely continue to fall up until the game.

NFC Championship Tickets

While the vast majority of demand has come from fans in North Carolina, we have seen interest in tickets from shoppers along the entire East Coast, as well as Arizona.  Even Georgia fans are throwing their hats in the ring, as residents there make up six percent of the total buyers.

Currently the NFC Championship Game is on pace to be less expensive than the AFC Championship Game between the Broncos and Patriots, which has an average resale price of $673.

Avg. Resale Price for NFC Champ. in Past 5 Years

Matchup Year Avg. Price
Packers at Seahawks 2015 $581
49ers at Seahawks 2014 $650
49ers at Falcons 2013 $316
Giants at 49ers 2012 $691
Packers at Bears 2011 $688

While these prices may seem high compared to a typical Panthers game, they do not even come close to what fans are currently paying for Super Bowl tickets. Currently the average resale price of a Super Bowl ticket is around $5,500.

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