This past Sunday, four teams were eliminated from the NFL playoffs just a few weeks early.  This coming weekend is the culminating moment that every NFL fan dreams about; the winner of the AFC and NFC Championships will move on to play in Super Bowl XLV for the Lombardi Trophy at Cowboys Stadium.  Fans are going to have to pay up if they want to get into Soldier Field to watch the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers go head to head for the NFC Championship.

While tickets to the AFC Championship Game are currently listed for $604 on average. Tickets to see the much anticipated NFC Championship, between bitter rivals Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, are listed for almost double that at $1,015 per ticket.

Although the average listing price of a ticket to the NFC Championship is a little high you still find tickets for a relatively reasonable price.

NFC Championship Ticket Prices

Cheapest NFC Championship Tickets by Section

  • 400 Level – $398/ticket
  • Upper End Zone – $398/ticket
  • Lower End Zone – $584/ticket
  • 200 Level – $610/ticket
  • 100 Level – $620/ticket
  • 50-Yard Line Lower Level – $1,167/ticket
  • 50-Yard Line Front Row – $2,015/ticket