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Last week, SeatGeek invited NFL Bloggers to share their predictions about when the lockout will end. We asked them how many total days they thought the lockout will last, and offered $200 of tickets to the blogger with the closest guess. If the responses we got are any indication, fans should be expecting an end to the Lockout torture within the week.

Today marks the 122nd day of NFL stalemate, and all of the blogger predictions that we received were within 143 days. Furthermore, 70% of the participating bloggers bet on a resolution by this Friday.

According to the most recent NFL Lockout news, these writers’ optimism might not be wishful thinking. With the first preseason NFL game fast approaching, the pressure is on for the league to come up with a compromise. The NFL stands to lose $200 million for each week of missed preseason games, and so understand that there is a serious time crunch. Now it seems that only the Rookie Wage Scale remains to be decided before the season can get underway.

However, some of the SeatGeek NFL Lockout Ticket Giveaway entrants were a bit too hopeful–Bruce from Baltimore Beatdown and Josh from NFL Spinzone both thought that the Lockout would be resolved last Friday, and Scott from Raising Zona guessed yesterday.

NFL Blog



Baltimore Beat Down Bruce Raffel 118
Just Blog Baby Chris Shellcroft 130
NFL SpinZone Josh Sanchez 118
Gmen HQ Andrew Iliniki 124
Side Lion Report Zac Snyder 124
Nice Pick, Cowher Craig Gottshalk 132
Raising Zona Scott Allen 121
Giants Gab Jeremy Fuchs 125
Inside the Iggles Keith Heumiller 143
Optimum Scouting Eric Galko 124

Continue to check back here for news on when the NFL Lockout actually does end, and see which of these popular bloggers will walk away with $200 of SeatGeek Tickets!

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