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After 135 days of ups and downs, uncertainty, and agonizing stalemate, the NFL Lockout has finally come to an end. Today, the NFL and the players voted to pass a labor agreement that has been months in the making. Only the plaintiffs’ signatures remain, which is considered a formality.

With this clutch decision, the NFL managed to save the entire regular season, which will go on as scheduled. The only cancellation is the first preseason game between the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams, which was supposed to be played on August 7th. So, no harm done, right?

Moving forward, the NFL will be chaos for the next few weeks as teams, coaches, and players scramble to get ready for the impending season start. Free agents will be eligible to be signed on Friday, and teams can start negotiating as early as 10am tomorrow morning. It should be the craziest free agency period yet.

So, as fans start to get excited about the season to come, SeatGeek has one last NFL Lockout point to address. About a month ago, SeatGeek offered $200 in tickets to the NFL blogger who could guess how long the lockout would last. With today’s lockout resolution, we were able to determine which of our entrants came closest. The winner is Craig Gottshalk from the Pittsburgh Steelers Blog Nice Pick Cowher. Congratulations Craig!

To see all of the entries visit our contest post here.

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