The NFL is truly a year-round league, with free agency, the NFL Draft, and even the schedule release all receiving major coverage. But that doesn’t stop fans from craving live football, and for those looking to get out to a game early this year, there are some great deals available for many of the preseason matchups.

Fans in Detroit are spending an average of just $17 to see their Lions take on the Bengals and Bills this preseason, and some tickets are as low as $4 each. Other teams offering great value include the Bills, Browns, Falcons, and Chiefs, all of whom have preseason games with average resale prices of less than $30.

NFL Preseason Tickets

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Not all preseason games are this inexpensive though, especially if you want to see the Dallas Cowboys. The two most in-demand preseason games this summer are Cowboys road games. One of those games, against Los Angeles in Week 1, also marks the first Rams home game in Southern California since 1994. The average resale price for the game is $149, which is more expensive than the average ticket price for 10 teams’ regular season games this season.

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