Week 10 marked the beginning of NFL’s Thursday night games. Let’s take a look at how the day of the week affects ticket prices and to what extent. For example, how do Thursday Night game tickets stack up against Monday night game tickets? How do Sunday games measure up against other days?

Week 10 and 11 NFL Avg. Ticket Prices By Day

*These are weighted averages of all the games played on that day. Week 10 has 14 games and Week 11 has 12 games on Sunday.

Please note the following outliers for Sunday games.
Week 10: Most Expensive & Least Expensive Games
-Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears $255.59
-St Louis Rams at Cleveland Browns $46.60
Week 11: Most Expensive & Least Expensive Games
-Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants $237.15
-Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns $46.56

Quick Notes:
-Monday Night games are much more expensive than Thursday Night games.
-In terms of average ticket prices, Thursdays and Sundays are more or less the same.

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