We’re back with an overview of how NFL ticket prices have fluctuated as we wrap up the second week of the season.

As promised, here are the matches that fans most looked forward to based on exclusive SeatGeek data that shows how much they are willing to spend on tickets:

NFL week two featured compelling games and story lines that brought fans out in droves to enjoy the action live.  Of the fifteen games played last weekend, the Bears @ Cowboys, Patriots @ Jets, and Giants @ Colts match ups still topped sales in the secondary ticket market.  A quick look into these games…

  • The Sunday afternoon match up between the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys demanded the highest average ticket price at $216.88.  Jerry Jones’ new billion-dollar state of the art stadium was sold out despite the expensive ticket price and the Cowboys’ disappointing start to the season.  Guess they are still America’s team.
  • Behind the Dallas/Chicago game was the Sunday night Patriots and Jets game at $215. 57.  Jets-Patriots games always draw a solid crowd, and this game was no different.  The Jets beat the Patriots with the support of a full house, ending their home losing streak.
  • Fans spent an unsurprising $208.75 per ticket on average to see the Monday night Manning vs. Manning bowl.  Peyton and the Colts took down Eli and the Giants easily.
  • The Stafford-less Lions vs. the Eagles game was at the bottom of the list, with an average ticket price of $76.07.

The teams topping and bottoming out ticket price rankings have not changed by much over the course of the past few weeks.  The complete list of NFL ticket price rankings can be found here.  Although initial wins or losses have affected some ticket trends, prices were still greatly determined by the popularity of the teams and the attractiveness of the match ups historically.  Expect similar patterns to continue throughout the season and big market teams like the Bears, Jets and Cowboys to demand the most money per ticket.

It is interesting to note, however, that ticket prices have continued to climb for the Houston Texans:

Houston Texans Ticket Price

The average price of a ticket on the resale market for the Texans is now $239.93.  Fans are still ecstatic from the big wins over the Colts and Redskins.  It will be interesting to follow how ticket sales for the Texans shape up as they face off against the 0-2 Cowboys on Sunday.  More analysis on the Houston Texans to come soon!

We will continue the week-by-week look at which match ups are in highest demand, so stay tuned for next week’s update.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at margaret@seatgeek.com or to get in touch with us on Twitter @SeatGeek.