Personally, I’ll be watching baseball all weekend, but for the many football fans out there, let’s check out average ticket prices on the resale market for the games this upcoming weekend!

Here are the match ups organized by price…

  • Only two match ups have average resold tickets selling at over $200 this weekend. Fans are paying $232.41/ticket to see the 4-1 Ravens play the 3-1 Patriots, which promises to be an exciting game.
  • What is surprising, however, is that fans are shelling out $224.86/ticket to watch the 1-4 Browns face off against the 3-1 Steelers. Previously, fans have not paid over $100/ticket to see any match up where the Browns were featured. The return of Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is the reason why a game that would not seem to have much draw is that high.
  • The Cowboys at Vikings game is strange. On paper, that matchup is great. It features two desperate 1-3 teams that are both most likely better than that record, plus it features Randy Moss’ first home game, and Favre vs Romo. However, it is actually commanding a high price, as it is 50% more than either of the Vikings’ first two home games.
  • The Chargers at Rams, Titans at Jaguars and Chiefs at Texans bottom out the list at $96.22/ticket, $95.64/ticket and $92.93/ticket, respectively. The big surprise here is that fans are not paying more to see the Chiefs/Texans game since both teams are having a winning season! The Texans’ Ticket Price Rise has been documented on the blog earlier and as their winning ways have seemed to slow down, their prices might continue to drop.
  • The Colts at Redskins game is interesting, particularly because it is a prime time game. The $146.43 is the lowest average ticket price for any primetime game so far. Night games usually command higher prices, and the Colts are usually one of the better road draws in the league, so it is odd to see that game only in 10th. Of course, that game will only hold the title of “lowest primetime game” for 24 hours, as the Titans at Jaguars game is lower.

Okay, that’s it for today. Have a great weekend everyone, whether you’re watching baseball or football!

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