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I recently asked on Quora:

What NHL teams are using dynamic ticket pricing for the 2011-2012 season?

Not too surprisingly (not Quora’s fault, I love that site) I didn’t get an answer because this is a pretty niche question. So I spent some time trying to track down as much information on NHL tickets and dynamic pricing as I could, and this is what I have so far which should be a pretty comprehensive look at which NHL teams are and are not using dynamic pricing. Note: while doing this I was also able to do an analysis of premiums charged for NHL glass seats as compared to the second row and other event types.

Taking a step back just for a second, if you don’t know, dynamic pricing is were primary ticket market prices change depending upon demand for the event. This differs from variable pricing in that variable pricing is set by projected demand ahead of time, but is then held flat.

I discussed these concepts in detail over at TicketNews in relation to NBA tickets. Now let’s look directly at the pricing strategies of the various teams.

NHL Teams Using Dynamic Pricing

The format below is the team name followed by a link to the source. Where there is no link, information was collected from our industry contacts.

  • Detroit Red Wings (for select games where ticket supply becomes short, so as long as you get your ticket early on you shouldn’t expect to be impacted)
  • *As reported on Quora

    NHL Teams Using Variable Pricing

    NHL Teams With Regular Pricing

    Carolina Hurricanes
    Calgary Flames Flames Official Seating Chart

    Closing Thoughts on NHL Ticket Pricing

    As you can see, 8 NHL teams that I know of our using dynamic pricing in some fashion this season
    Many more are using variable pricing (I will update that list as I gather the info, but I was more focused on dynamic pricing for now)

    Is your team employing a dynamic or variable pricing strategy? Do you like it, dislike it? Share your thoughts in the comments below or directly with us on Twitter @SeatGeek. If you are interested in more NHL price data check out our list of NHL ticket prices by team or reach out directly with if you need a specific piece of data at