On January 1, 2011 the Pittsburgh Penguins will host Washington Capitals at Heinz for the 2011 NHL Winter Classic.  A Capitals-Penguins game is generally highly anticipated considering Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin have been two of the most exciting players in the league since they started playing in the NHL.  However, the Winter Classic brings a whole new level of excitement to this match up. A hockey game held outdoors in front of a crowd that is two to three times larger than normal for an NHL game is something the players and the fans look forward to all season long.  We took a look at ticket prices for the 2011 NHL Winter Classic to gauge just how excited fans are for this event and found that the average ticket price is $422.81, 175% more expensive than the average ticket price for the rest of the Penguins’ home games.

The Winter Classic is not the only outdoor NHL game this season.  On February 20, 2011 the Montreal Canadiens will take on the Calgary Flames at McMahon Stadium in the 2011 Heritage Classic.  The first Heritage Classic was played in 2003 and was the first time an NHL game was played outdoors.  Eight years later we are lucky enough to get the second installment of the Heritage Classic and just like the Winter Classic, fans and players both are eagerly awaiting the event.  Tickets to the watch the Heritage Classic are $325.64 on average compared to an average price of $108.60 per ticket for all other Flames home games.


Update: Great time-lapse video of Winter Classic construction at Heinz Field

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