The Holy War is happening soon, where are you?

Notre Dame vs. Fighting Irish Ticket Prices

The November 10th Notre Dame game at Boston College is far and away the most costly game on the BC Eagles home schedule. The average resale price for tickets to the game is $169.54, which is a whopping $132 more expensive than the average price for tickets to the next most costly BC game this year, the team’s 9/29 home contest against Clemson ($36.81) average price. This game is also the second most expensive BC home sporting event we’ve tracked since 2010. The only event with more expensive tickets was the 2010 home football game against Notre Dame ($198 avg ticket price).

This phenomenon of Notre Dame as the biggest ticket road draw isn’t confined to just Boston College. In fact, we looked at average prices for all Notre Dame road games from the 2010, 2011 and 2012 schedules and determined that seven of the nine “true” road games (e.g., excluding neutral site games where the Irish were the “road” team) the Fighting Irish played in that time span were the most expensive games of the host team’s home schedule in that given season.

The ND road games at Wake Forest, Oklahoma, Boston College, Pitt, Michigan, Purdue and USC all ranked as the most expensive games for the given host teams in that year. Only Notre Dame’s road games at Michigan State and Stanford were outranked by more expensive games (vs. Michigan in the case of MSU and vs. Oregon in the case of Stanford).

Just to give some context as to how much more expensive this Notre Dame-BC game is in comparison to other BC games, we looked at the current listing price of the least expensive ticket to the Notre Dame-BC game across the 100+ sites SeatGeek tracks. As it currently stands, a nosebleed ticket to the ND-BC game will run you no less than $162. But if you fast forward one weekend to the next most expensive game left on BC’s schedule (versus Virginia Tech), you’d find that the cheapest available seat weighs in at a mere $5.

Ticket prices for this weekend’s game have been on the rise in recent months, tracing the continuation of Notre Dame’s undefeated season. On October 1st, the average price for a ticket to this weekend’s ND-BC game was $147. That compares to an average price of $196 for tickets purchased within the last seven days — representing a rise in prices of 33%. Clearly, Notre Dame’s undefeated record as well as the allure of the “Holy War” Rivalry are driving these astronomically high ticket prices.