With an average resale price of $320, this weekend’s Clemson-Notre Dame game is far more expensive than any previous Clemson home game over the past five years. Before this game, the most expensive Tigers home game over that timespan was an August 2013 matchup with Georgia, which had an average resale price of $279.

Top 5 Most Expensive Clemson Home Games

Game Date Avg. Ticket Price
Clemson v Notre Dame 10/03/15 $320.00
Clemson v Georgia 08/31/13 $279.00
Clemson v Florida State 10/19/13 $226.00
Clemson v South Carolina 11/24/12 $194.00
Clemson v South Carolina 11/27/10 $182.00

Overall this week’s Clemson-Notre Dame game is the ninth most expensive in college football this year, ahead of games like Ohio State-Michigan, Florida-LSU and UCLA-USC. Notre Dame is part of the first and second most expensive games of the season, its matchup against Boston College at Fenway Park and its opener at home against Texas.

Topping performances by the Eagles, Jimmy Buffet and Steely Dan, this weekend’s game will be the most expensive event in South Carolina on the secondary market since at least 2010. The previous high was actually that Georgia-Clemson game in 2013, which had an average resale price of $279 (as shown in the above chart).

Fans who have waited until the last minute to buy tickets may be able to save a bit of money, as listing prices have dropped slightly in the past few days. Last Friday the median listing price for this weekend’s game was $406, but it is currently down to $351, a drop of 14 percent. Click here to view all available Clemson-Notre Dame tickets.

(Photo courtesy of Daderot via Wikimedia Commons.)