“Trust the Process” has been the motto of the Philadelphia 76ers lengthy rebuilding process, which culminated in a solid albeit short 16-17 campaign for Joel Embiid, along with the ’16 draft pick Ben Simmons and this year’s draft pick Markelle Fultz.

With a team of potential superstars solidified, former general manager Sam Hinkie’s vision for this team has been finally realized. Unfortunately, Hinkie won’t get to reap the rewards of his vision, but that’s a topic for another day.

With this offseason’s anticipation of the Fultz draft choice, season ticket sales for the 76ers have skyrocketed since last Saturday. Philly has sold a franchise-record 14,000 season tickets for this upcoming season, and also expect every single home game to sell out.
Sixers chief sales and marketing office Christopher Heck stated that “Fortunately we’re able to break the Sixers’ all-time record for season-ticket memberships… This is a testament to the strong fandom that we believe not only is this a true sports town, but… a basketball town.”

This is news to many, but not the 76ers organization. Since 2013, season ticket sales have been steadily increasing, especially last season when the team sold around 10,000 seats. This year, things are looking even better for an organization that has truly had a rough go of it over the past five years.

The hype for a hopefully healthy Joel Embiid, a healthy Ben Simmons, and a newly acquired Markelle Fultz has put this team on the map and makes it an exciting story to watch during the 2017-18 season.

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Image courtesy of Shinya Suzuki via Flickr.