With the Steelers coming to Seattle this weekend for a huge matchup, tickets to the game are at an all-time high, with an average resale price of $406 — the most expensive regular season Seattle game (home or away) in the SeatGeek database, which goes back to 2010.

Tickets to Steelers vs Seahawks

However, prices to Sunday’s game have been plummeting since the Seahawks’ loss to the Cardinals. On November 14, the day before the Cardinals game, the median listing price for Sunday’s game was $554 — that figure has since dropped 31 percent to $380.

Sunday’s game is more expensive than last year’s NFC Divisional game against the Panthers that averaged $318, as well as their 2014 NFC Divisional game against the Saints that averaged $327.

Most Expensive Seahawks Games Since 2010

Matchup Year Avg. Resale Price
Patriots vs. Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX $4,271
Broncos vs. Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII $2,536
49ers at Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship Game $650
Packers at Seahawks 2015 NFC Championship Game $581

The get-in price, or minimum ticket, for Sunday’s game is $204; that’s more expensive than the Steelers’ average ticket this season, which is reselling for $197 on the secondary market.

Seahawks tickets are averaging $304 on the secondary market this season. That’s the second-most expensive average ticket in the NFL, behind only the Broncos, whose tickets are averaging $343.