As reported on Deadspin, out of the three teams hosting playoff games at Staples Center over the upcoming 72 hours, the one with the most expensive tickets on secondary market sites is the Los Angeles Lakers. The average price to Game 3 between the Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder is $262, while Game 4 of that series currently has an average price of $250. That said, the Kings are not far behind as Games 3 and 4 of their series are seeing an average price of $215 and $225, respectively.

For a hypothetical LA super fan who wanted to go to all six games this weekend, tickets would cost a grand total of $1,234 if one were to buy the “average” seat for each of the games. Even if you purchased the absolutely lowest priced ticket for each game, you’d still pay $543 to sit in the nosebleeds for all games.

Clippers-Spurs DealsAs for the single cheapest ticket available for any of the six events this weekend at the Staples Center? That would be a ticket to see the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday, May 20th. For $39 you can sit in Section 311, Row 7. On that same day the LA Kings will host the Phoenix Coyotes in Game 4 of their series. For the price of the absolute cheapest ticket to that Kings game, you could buy four tickets to the Clippers game that evening. Right now on SeatGeek, the cheapest ticket available for Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals is going for $163 in Section 306 – the same level as the $39 ticket to the Clippers game.

We can make a similar comparison for the double-header taking place on Saturday, which features Game 3 of the Spurs-Clippers series followed by Game 4 of the Thunder-Lakers series. Again, Clippers tickets are going for much less on the secondary market. Take for instance a 300 level section, the seats furthest away from the court. Section 318, though high up, is situated at center-court. For the 12:30 Clippers game a ticket in that section can be had for as low as $61. To sit in that same section at 7:30 to see the Lakers fans need over $100 more, as the cheapest seat in 318 for the night is $165.

On the high end of the spectrum, premium seat tickets on the secondary market for these games are commanding top dollar. Ice seats for the Kings are going for $1092 and $1515 for the games on Thursday and Sunday, respectively. A courtside seat to the first Clippers home game is comparably priced at $1005. These numbers, however, all pale in comparison to what is being asked for courtside Laker tickets. Those with both the money and the courage to sit that close to Metta World Peace will have to hand over $11,594 for Friday’s game, or $11,503 for Saturday’s game.

Thursday 6:00 PM Los Angeles, CA tickets from $89
Sunday 12:00 PM Los Angeles, CA tickets from $168

Kings vs. Coyotes dealsOne driver that could be contributing to the high prices seen for Kings tickets could simply be the fact that they have less ticket inventory to go around than their NBA co-tenants. Per their website, the Staples Center seating capacity for basketball games is 19,079, while it is 18,118 for hockey games, meaning there are nearly 1000 less seats available to see the Kings. The team has also seen the most meteoric rise in ticket prices out of the 3 LA playoff teams over the course of their playoff run. During the regular season, average ticket prices on the secondary market never broke $100. Since Round 1 of the NHL playoffs, however, average ticket prices have climbed with each game, with the high being $225.28 for Sunday’s Game 4.

Lakers vs. Thunder dealsMeanwhile the Lakers, who had only two regular season games average under $100, are drawing about what would be expected, with tickets to this weekend’s games averaging $261.59 and $249.95. Their highest average ticket price all season was $357.50 when the Miami Heat were in town, so look for ticket prices to be in that range if the two teams happen to meet in the NBA Finals.

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