With NBA Opening Day just a week away, we here at SeatGeek are kicking off a weekly look at ticket prices on the secondary market for NBA teams throughout the 2010-2011 season!

Here are the top ten teams by average ticket price:

  • Five teams are averaging over $100 a pop so far and it comes as no surprise the the Celtics, the Heat and the Lakers are leading the way.
  • Defending Eastern Conference champs, the Boston Celtics are #1 on this week’s leaderboard at a whopping $175.14/ticket! 7-1 so far in the preseason, the Celtics look ahead to a promising season.
  • The Miami Heat have been the most talked about and anticipated team of the season with their signing of LeBron James and Chris Bosh in the offseason. Ticket prices are soaring for the Heat and expect the Heat to be atop the leaderboard throughout the year. Right now, they are commanding $157.28/ticket.
  • The Lakers are the defending champions so naturally, fans are shelling out an average of $130.23/ticket to see them play at home. Prices are always high for the talented Lakers team, but it will be interesting to see how prices move on the resale market as the season progresses… will the Lakers be able to score more wins this season than the dynamic trio in Miami? We’ll see!

And to bottom out the list, here are the ten teams with lowest prices:

  • Although the Timberwolves have had a solid preseason thus far, their average ticket prices over the past week are at $17.15/ticket – not even 10% of the number one Celtics! Let’s hope fans start spending more to see the Timberwolves play if their success continues into the regular season.

All right that’s it for tonight. Good night and get ready for the amazing season to come!