The ALCS finished last Friday and the NLCS on Saturday, with both winning teams clinching their league pennant in six. Now that the World Series candidates are set, we move on from speculative listing prices to prices for established games.

This is the match up of the underdogs – the Giants have not won the World Series since 1954 and the Rangers have never even made it there. (Compare this to the teams they beat: the Phillies were World Series champions in 2008 and the Yankees in 2009, both veteran powerhouse ballclubs who have enjoyed continuous years of success.)

Naturally, fans in San Francisco and in Arlington are excited to cheer their teams to victory. Let’s take a look at average resold ticket prices:

As we noted before, ticket prices are higher in the National League than in the American League. Giants home games are selling for almost $200 more a pop than are Rangers home games! Regardless of the disparity, baseball fans in both cities are stretching out their wallets to watch this unexpected World Series match up.

The opening game in San Francisco is going for $858.83/ticket right now, more than seven times how much tickets were for the division series and more than three times the cost of the championship series! Game 1 of the World Series is even more anticipated than Game 1 of the NLCS: the Cliff Lee vs. Tim Lincecum is a showdown that even fans of other teams are looking forward to. Will the more seasoned postseason pitcher Lee be able to out pitch the young and dynamic Giants ace?

T-minus two days until the start of the World Series… if you happen to be near Arlington or San Francisco, and are looking for tickets to a game, check out these links for the best deals:

Texas Rangers Tickets
San Francisco Giants Tickets

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