Eighty teams are headed to bowl games this season, giving fans one final chance to see their squad play – often in a beautiful, warm location. Of course not all road trips are created equal. Memphis fans will be heading to the same stadium they go to every Saturday, while Houston fans will be looking to turn a trip to the Hawaii Bowl into a full vacation.

With all of this in mind we looked into the total cost of attending a bowl game for each fanbase. We took into account the average cost of a ticket, how much flights (or driving in some cases) would cost, and the price of a hotel. Of course the fanbases with short drives don’t need hotel rooms, and all rank toward the top of the list. The bottom of the list is populated with the teams playing in the biggest bowls of the season. Prices across the board are higher for those games thanks to increased demand, and it certainly doesn’t help that the bowls take place right around New Year’s Eve, when hotel prices are at a premium.

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(Image [cropped from 1024×683] courtesy Shawn Clover via Flickr.)