For the first time in history, the NCAA is hosting a series of playoff games as a precursor to the College Football Playoff National Championship, otherwise known as the CFP. Exciting, right?!

But as most football fans know, getting yourself tickets to the CFP and surrounding events is near impossible. The colleges have a set amount of tickets which they are able to give out, most of which will go to the players, the players’ families, and college alumni. The remaining tickets are given out via lottery, and whatever is leftover will be put on the secondary market with a high markup. Based on SeatGeek data, we’ve seen secondary tickets to Championship games generally around 200-300% more than face value.

So what’s a devout college football fan to do? That’s where TeamTix comes into play. The CFP licensed the TeamTix platform to offer fans face value tickets for their playoff events. All you have to do is log-on to the website, pick the event you want to attend, and purchase a “reservation” for your team. That reservation, called a TeamTix, will guarantee you the ability to buy a face value ticket if they make it to the playoffs. Make sense? Let me break it down for you a bit more.

Say you’re rooting for Florida State and think they have a good chance of going to the finals. As of November 17 on TeamTix, you could’ve paid $55 dollars for a “reservation” to buy a playoff ticket to the National Championship if Florida State indeed makes it. That means once Florida State qualifies to play in the game you are guaranteed the ability to purchase a ticket at face value. So in total you’d be paying $55 for the TeamTix, plus however much the face value of the ticket cost. While you’re still paying extra for the TeamTix, you’re paying a helluva lot less than you would buying off the secondary market.

TeamTix prices fluctuate based on how likely it is that the team will make it to the playoffs, so if you like to root for the underdog, you could pay as low as $20 to guarantee a face value ticket if they end up pulling it out. Pretty cool, right?

As it stands right now, TeamTix is THE official ticket reservation system for the College Football Playoff National Championship, Allstate Sugar Bowl, Pasadena Tournament of Roses and the Playoff Semifinals. As ticket aggregators ourselves, SeatGeek is devoted to providing our customers with the best options for purchasing tickets online. We can tell you with assurance that purchasing an option through TeamTix just makes sense.

Top 10 Lowest Prices for Nat’l. Championship TeamTix

(as of November 17)
Mississippi State: $30
FSU: $55
Alabama: $154
Oregon: $48
Mississippi State: $23
TCU: $20
Baylor: $31
Ohio State: $20
Michigan State: $20
Ole Miss: $5

Top 10 Lowest Prices for Playoff Semifinal All Access TeamTix

(as of November 17)
Mississippi State: $85
FSU: $124
Auburn: $40
Oregon: $60
Alabama: $80
TCU: $25
K-State: $25
Arizona State: $25
Michigan State: $22
Notre Dame: $90