Yesterday’s triple-header kicked off the start of the 2010 MLB postseason and fans certainly got their money’s worth—or more.  The Rangers trumped the Rays as Cliff Lee dominated, ace CC Sabathia kept his cool and managed the win after allowing early runs to the Twins, but most impressive of all was Roy “Doc” Halladay’s postseason debut.

After spending twelve seasons in Toronto, Doc signed with the Phillies at the end of last year in the hopes of making it to the playoffs.  He proved to be worth every penny the Phillies were spending on him, leading the team to an impressive 21 wins this year.  Expectations were high for the postseason for the Phillies’ overpowering bullpen and Doc rose to the occasion in Game 1 of the NLDS series against the Reds.

After pitching the 20th perfect game in major league history just earlier this year, Doc pitched a no-hitter in last night’s game—a feat that has only been achieved once before in the postseason.  The first time was Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series with the Yankees.  Doc was just one walk away from a perfect game, allowing Jay Bruce to get on base in the fifth inning, but his shutout of the Reds’ high-powered offensive lineup is the most memorable pitching performance in the past half century nonetheless.

Let’s take a look at prices for the Reds/Phillies matchup before Doc’s no-hitter:

Fans shelled out an average of $134.77 per ticket on the resale market for the Reds vs. Phillies series (if all five games are played).  They are paying top-dollar as is to see the Phillies play at home, but after Doc’s performance last night, it will be interesting to see if prices will jump up to take the Phillies into the lead to command more money per ticket at home than the Twins.

We will continue to track ticket prices for the Phillies in the upcoming days to see how Roy “Doc” Halladay’s postseason debut no-hitter will affect how much fans are willing to spend, so stay tuned for updates!

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