We all know that the best compliment to baseball is beer, and we all know a great compliment to beer is a taco. So by chain rule, baseball, beer and tacos go together pretty darn well. Like Peter, Paul and Mary… or like Posey, Pence and Timmy.

Using this recently acquired mathematical knowledge, SeatGeek has decided to bring baseball, beer and tacos to you before the Dodgers take on the Giants on September 12 at AT&T Park. Here’s the skippy:

Anyone who is logged in to their SeatGeek app and purchases a ticket to this game will be invited to SeatGeek’s First Pitch party at Tres. Your first beer and a couple of tacos are free! What else can you expect at the pre-game, you ask?

  • Raffles for tickets to future Giants game
  • Chances to win some sweet Giants swag
  • General good times and tomfoolery with other SeatGeeks!

As we enter the second half of the 2014 MLB season, these two teams own the top spots in the NL West. This September 12 weekend series may decide who has home field advantage in the playoffs, and who will be watching from the couch.

What are you waiting for? Grab some seats to the game, and we’ll see you at Tres!