With an average resale price of $350 a ticket, this week’s Packers-Seahawks game is more expensive than all previous Green Bay home games since 2010, topping a 2010 matchup with the Vikings that had an average resale price of $306 a ticket. However, this week’s game will most likely be surpassed later in the season, when the Packers host the Bears on Thanksgiving. That game has an average resale price of $457.

Tickets to Seahawks @ Packers

Currently Sunday night’s game is the 8th most expensive NFL regular season game this year. Interestingly, both the Packers and Seahawks appear on the list multiple other times. Here are the current 10 most expensive NFL regular season games:

Packers @ Broncos: $473
Bears @ Packers: $457
Patriots @ Broncos: $427
Steelers @ Seahawks: $418
Steelers @ Patriots: $407
Bears @ Seahawks: $369
Jets @ Patriots: $359
Seahawks @ Packers: $350
49ers @ Seahawks: $349
Lions @ Seahawks: $340

Fans who have waited until the last minute can save themselves some money, as listing prices have dropped over the past few weeks. The median listing price a month ago was $433, but currently it is down to $276, a drop of 36 percent. The same trend shows up for the cheapest tickets for sale, which have gone from $274 a month ago to $135 currently.

Packers Historical Ticket Prices

Overall the Packers and Seahawks are two of the most expensive teams to see in the NFL this season. For their home games the Packers have an overall average resale price of $304 a ticket, putting them fourth in the league. The Seahawks actually have the most expensive secondary market prices for their home games, with an average resale price of $326.