Stanford Cardinals Home Game Tickets

You know what’s cheap? Going to a Stanford men’s soccer game. It costs $8 for general admission, or – if you feel like impressing someone – you could shell out $17 for a reserved seat. Get ’em while they’re hot, folks.

You know what’s not cheap? Going to a Stanford football game. Yeah, those puppies will set you back, especially Thursday against Oregon. See, for Thursday, it’s that same $8 you’d spend on a men’s soccer game plus about $175. So yeah, it’s going to run you roughly $183. Maybe you can get hotdogs for $8?

Of course, this is the most in-demand Stanford home game ever, so it’s not always this pricy. How not-this-pricy is it normally? Think of it this way: the Cardinal’s first four home games this season against San Jose State, Arizona State, Washington and UCLA drew an average resale price of just $44 per ticket. That means it would cost less to have gone to each of the Cardinal’s first four home games this season than to attend just the Oregon game. Whoa.

Stanford Cardinal Football Home Game Highest Avg. Ticket Price ’10-’13

But all is not lost. Right now on SeatGeek, standing room tickets to Oregon-Stanford start at $88 each, and the cheapest actual seats available are listed at $28 per ticket in Section 238. True, on the high end, we’ve seen fans pay as much as $895 per ticket for seats on the 50-yard line, but don’t worry your pretty little head about those guys. You’ll see plenty well with the men’s soccer team fans in the $28 section.

And now for some history. The only other Stanford home game to draw an average ticket price of at least $150 came the last time the Ducks visited the Cardinal on November 12, 2011. That game drew an average resale price of $174 per ticket.

So how does this game compare to others in college football? Turns out, the only other college football game this week with a higher average ticket price than Oregon-Stanford is LSU-Alabama at $383. And for a Pac-12 game, this one’s up there with the priciest ever. Thursday’s game ranks as the fifth-most expensive Pac-12 conference game ever behind the the 2010, ’12 and ’13 editions of the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State ($205$189 and $195 average resale prices, respectively) as well as last year’s USC-Utah game ($190 per ticket). Yeah, it’s safe to say this game’s kind of a big deal.