With an average resale price of $5,178, this year’s Super Bowl is on pace to not only be the most expensive Super Bowl in the SeatGeek database, but the most expensive event ever, topping things like the Mayweather-Pacquiao boxing match and The Masters. It currently tops last year’s Pats vs. Seahawks matchup, which at the time was nearly two times higher than the average SB ticket prices of previous years.

Historical Super Bowl Average Ticket Prices

Year Matchup Avg. Ticket Price
XLV (2011) Packers vs. Steelers $3,561
XLVI (2012) Patriots vs. Giants $2,991
XLVII (2013) 49ers vs. Ravens $2,479
XLVIII (2014) Broncos vs. Seahawks $2,537
XLIX (2015) Patriots vs. Seahawks $4,271

(Based on secondary market data)

Historically, prices have risen and then dropped in the two weeks between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. The rise and fall was most noticeable in 2014, with a 36 percent decrease in price. However, last year’s Super Bowl was the one outlier, with prices increasing by 57 percent during the waiting period between games. If the new trend continues, expect the Panthers-Colts tickets to be sky high by the time the game rolls around.
Currently the least expensive ticket costs more than $3,000, and fans who want to sit near midfield in the lower level are going to spend at least $7,000 right now. Want to get into the Big Game and win bragging rights for life? Click here to see our full listing of tickets.