With an average resale price of $5,101, this year’s Super Bowl is currently the most in-demand event in SeatGeek’s database. It’s currently the most expensive Super Bowl since 2011, although prices will likely fluctuate leading up to the event. To stay completely up-to-date on 2017 Super Bowl ticket prices, check out the SeatGeek Ticket Tracker.

Historic Super Bowl Ticket Prices*

Year Matchup Avg. Ticket Price
2011 Packers vs. Steelers  $3,561
2012  Patriots vs. Giants $2,991
2013  49ers vs. Ravens $2,479
2014  Broncos vs. Seahawks  $2,537
2015  Patriots vs. Seahawks $4,271
2016  Broncos vs. Panthers $4,531

*Based on secondary market data

Historically prices have dropped in the weeks between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl, save for 2015 when the prices increased by 57 percent (Patriots vs. Seahawks). Last year, there was a 25 percent decrease after when the Broncos and Panthers made their way to SB50, so it will be interesting to see where this year ends up.

Currently the least expensive ticket costs more than $3,500, and fans who want to sit near midfield in the lower level are going to spend at least $10,000. Click here to browse Super Bowl inventory yourself.

Image courtesy Ron Kikuchi via Flickr.