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Super Bowl XLVII (47)

  • Date: Super Bowl 47 will be played on Sunday, February 3, 2013 (2/3/2013)
  • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Super Bowl 2013 Tickets

Super Bowl 2013 Infographic

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Super Bowl 2013 News and Coverage

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Super Bowl Commentary: For Those Who Like Commericals

Next to the chicken wings, peanuts, pretzels, popcorn and cold cans of brew in the fridge and friends and family over for the big game that is the Super Bowl, comes the annual tradition of seeing what brand/manufacturer/company shelled out big bucks (roughly $4 million this year for a :30 spot) for a Super Bowl commercial.

Sure to have people talking at the water cooler on Monday morning (or Tuesday morning for those who partied a little too hard Sunday evening), the best and worst of the Super Bowl commercials each year has become good fodder for office debate.

As a service to our loyal readers, we bring three commercials as a preview of what to expect this year. Sit back, relax and enjoy (or not).

Mercedes Benz


And the ad causing a bit of controversy and with over 4 million hits on YouTube already …


Super Bowl Commentary: The Swan Song of Ray Lewis

Everyone has their own opinion of the man that is Ray Lewis, given his stellar football career, checkered past and seemingly rebound to leading by example and becoming a role model for younger players across the NFL. Some consider him a role model. Some don’t. Most can agree that the stats he has put up in his career as the anchor of the defense for the Baltimore Ravens are Hall of Fame worthy – 13 Pro Bowl appearances, 2 time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, 2,000 plus tackles and the only defensive player to ever record over 40 sacks and 30 interceptions in their career.

Coming back from what many thought was a career-ending injury earlier in the year, Lewis is on one final run, taking the headlines away from the game itself in some instances, as he looks towards retirement post Super Bowl Sunday. Will he abe able to add to the one Super Bowl ring he has, won back in 2000 when the Ravens beat the New York Giants? We’ll see come Sunday. What we do know is it will be the last time we see Ray Lewis suit up for a professional football game.

Super Bowl Commentary: Who Exactly is Joe Flacco?

You’ve read the credentials a couple of times in this Super Bowl blog – Joe Flacco has the most road playoff victories of any quarterback in NFL history, with 7. But who exactly is Joe Flacco, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens?

Flacco was born and raised in New Jersey, where he played both high school football and basketball at Audubon High School. He started his college career at the University of Pittsburgh in 2003 before transferring to the University of Delaware after the 2004 season after just serving as a backup. He didn’t see his first full action until the 2006 season with the Fightin’ Blue Hens. He went on to set 20 school records as the starting quarterback.

Drafted by the Ravens with the 18th pick in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft, Flacco was one of only two QBs selected in the first round along with Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, who was the third overall pick.

Due to a season-ending injury to incumbent starter Kyle Boller and an illness to former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, Flacco became the starting quarterback in the 2008 season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. The rest is history. He went on to become the only the third rookie quarterback in NFL history to win his first post-season start, and the first to do it on the road. His propensity for playoff road success started early in his pro career. (source: Wikipedia)

Now, Flacco faces off against the favored San Francisco 49ers and their dynamic upstart QB Colin Kaepernick. We’ll see if his steady hand can lead the Ravens to their first Super Bowl victory since the 2000 season.

Super Bowl Commentary: Can Kaepernick Rise to the Occasion?

One distinct advantage that the Baltimore Ravens have over the San Francisco 49ers is in the bucket of QB playoff experience. Joe Flacco boasts an impressive playoff track record, with the most road playoff victories of any quarterback in NFL history with 7. As for the 49ers, rookie quarterback Colin Kaepernick has had a meteoric rise to prominence after taking over the QB position mid-season after Alex Smith went down with a concussion. Leading the team to the Super Bowl with zero playoff experience is quite the feat, so it will be interesting to see if he can rise to the occasion on the NFL’s biggest stage – the Super Bowl.

Kaepernick’s road to Super Bowl XLVII began when he forewent a career in Major League Baseball and was drafted by the 49ers with the 36th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft out of the University of Nevada. As mentioned above, he took over the position mid-season and posted a stat line of 10 touchdowns; 1,849 passing yards; 97.9 passing rating; 413 rushing yards and 5 rushing touchdowns. Add this to what he did against the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, setting an NFL single-game record for most rushing yards by a quarterback with 181, you have quite an impressive start to a bright career in the NFL.

On a lighter note, Kaepernick shares this success with his pet turtle Sammy, who is 115 pounds.

The Super Bowl is this coming Sunday, so if you are still in the market for tickets, you can find the best deals right here at SeatGeek.

Super Bowl Commentary: Or Is It The Bro Bowl?

One of the coolest story lines of Super Bowl XLVII is the matchup between the head coaches of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Why is it cool you might ask? It is a matchup between brothers Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco 49ers) and John Harbaugh (Baltimore Ravens). This is a first in NFL history as no brothers have ever faced off against each other in the Super Bowl as head coaches. A sibling rivalry with the Lombardi Trophy at stake, you can’t beat that.

Several questions come to mind here. Who will mom and dad root for? Will they shake hands after the game, hug or will the winner give the loser a wedgie? What will summer BBQs be like with one winner and one loser? Is the less successful yet more dysfunctional brother coaching combo in the NFL – Rex & Rob Ryan – wondering what they are doing wrong? Just some food for thought.

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, so if you have plans to head down to New Orleans, check out SeatGeek for the best deals on tickets.

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Super Bowl: Matchup Preview

With the extended two week long analysis of Super Bowl XLVII having officially been kicked off, let us join all the major networks, internet sports sites, sports blogs and the like in providing a breakdown of the matchup you will see on February 3 at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

The San Francisco 49ers come into the Super Bowl led by young upstart quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has taken the reins of the offense and put up some big numbers in his first playoff experience. With Michael Crabtree leading the receiving core and Frank Gore pounding the ball on the ground, the 49ers’ offense will present some challenges for the defense of the Baltimore Ravens, which is riding the high of Ray Lewis’ final stretch in a uniform. We’ll see if the 49ers can get by the Ravens like they did the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship.

As for the Ravens, Joe Flacco is continuing his success in the playoffs, having now won the most road playoff games of any quarterback in NFL history with 7. But he is running into one of the best defenses in the NFL with the 49ers. We’ll see what he, along with his weapons Ray Rice, Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin can do come February 3. It is sure to be a great matchup.

As for tickets, check out the link below for the latest deals on Super Bowl XLVII tickets.

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Super Bowl XLVII Ticket Prices

Super Bowl Ticket Prices 2013

If you have been wondering – (a) What are Super Bowl tickets going for? (b) How much do Super Bowl tickets cost? (c) how much are Super Bowl tickets – then you have come to the right place. SeatGeek has the most comprehensive set of Super Bowl ticket price data/economics and we have shared it with you below to make your Super Bowl buying decision a little easier.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices Face Value

Super Bowl 2013 VIP Packages & Ticket Prices

The packages below include a Super Bowl game ticket and a Pre-Game Super Bowl 2013 VIP Party pass hosted by Joe Theismann on the Joe Theismann on the Cajun Queen Riverboat.

Super Bowl Ticket VIP PackagesSectionDetailsPackage / Ticket Prices at Face Value

Upper Terrace End Zone Super Bowl Tickets Package 600 Terrace Level Endzone $2,449.70
Upper Terrace Super Bowl Tickets Goal Line Package 600 Terrace Level Goal to 20 Yard Line $2,619.70
Upper Terrace Super Bowl Tickets 50 Yard Line Package 600 Terrace Level 20 to 50 Yard Line $3,129.70
Super Bowl Tickets End Zone Package 100 Plaza Level Endzone $3,257.20
Super Bowl Tickets End Zone Package 200 – 300 Loge Level Endzone $3,342.20
Super Bowl Tickets Corner Package 100 Plaza Level Corner $3,384.70
Super Bowl Tickets Corner Package 200 – 300 Logel Level Corner $3,512.20
Super Bowl Tickets Endline Package 100 Plaza Level Endline to 15 Yard Line $4,532.20
Super Bowl Tickets Endline Package 200 – 300 Loge Level Goal Line to 20 Yard Line $4,787.20
Super Bowl Tickets Sideline Package 100 Plaza Level 15 to 25 Yard Line $5,382.20
Super Bowl Tickets Sideline Package 200 – 300 Logel Level 20 to 50 Yard Line $6,699.70
Super Bowl Tickets 50 Yard Line Sideline Package 100 Plaza Level 25 to 50 Yard Line $7,124.70

Read more at Ticketmaster.

Super Bowl Ticket Resale Prices

Super Bowl 2013 Ticket Prices

The following notes As of 1/18/13

  • The average price spent per ticket on the secondary market is $3185.99
  • The average listing price is $8855
  • About 40% of the volume has occurred in the last week, with the pace rapidly quickening
  • The cheapest Super Bowl tickets are $1,693 for a Zone J ticket and $1,775 for a Section 603 ticket as of 1/29/2013

More notes as of 1/15/13
The average resale price for a ticket to Super Bowl XLVII is $3,301 — making this year’s game slightly more expensive than last year’s Super Bowl in Indy, but slightly less expensive than the previous year’s game in North Texas. The average resale price for a Super Bowl XLVI (Patriots vs. Giants) ticket was $2,990, while the average price for a Super Bowl XLV (Packers vs. Steelers) was $3,561.

The price picture for tickets to this year’s game will become much clearer after this sunday, when the matchup for the game is set. Based on our data, we’d project that the toughest ticket would be a Ravens-49ers matchup, while a Patriots-Falcons matchup would likely lead to a weaker market in terms of price. This is due to a few factors:
The relative strength of the secondary market for Ravens and 49ers tickets vis-a-vis the Patriots and Falcons
A Patriots Super Bowl appearance would be their 4th in the past decade, meaning that fans (and their wallets) may be fatigued from attending numerous Super Bowls in recent years
While Atlanta is closer to New Orleans in terms of driving/travel distance than any other team still in the playoffs, the secondary market for Falcons home playoff games this season has been tepid. The Seahawks-Falcons game last week was the least expensive ticket in the divisional round by a margin of $100, and average prices to the NFC title game this weekend in Atlanta are almost $100 less than the cost of tickets to the AFC title game in New England. This leads us to believe that Falcons fans wouldn’t drive up prices in the way that Ravens or 49er fans would.

As for the best time for fans to buy tickets, it’s almost certainly prudent for fans to wait until close to gametime to buy their seats. I’ve attached a graph below that shows how prices trended in the 14 days leading up to last year’s Super Bowl. As you can see, prices fell from a daily sales average of $3,000+ just a week before the game to an average resale price of $1,709 in the 24 hours before the game. While we wouldn’t expect that precipitous of a fall this year with the game in New Orleans, our experience with major events tends to indicate that we’d see some sort of meaningful decline in prices during the last hours prior to kickoff

Super Bowl Ticket Prices and Average Cost on Resale Market

Below is a sample set of selling price data so you can get a feel for how tickets have been moving in the open market.

DateSelling Price

9/1/2012 $2,645
9/2/2012 $2,677
9/11/2012 $2,731
9/13/2012 $2,450
9/20/2012 $3,842
9/21/2012 $1,500
9/23/2012 $3,219
9/25/2012 $2,685
9/30/2012 $2,750
10/2/2012 $5,173
10/3/2012 $1,500
10/5/2012 $3,277
10/8/2012 $2,870
10/11/2012 $5,518
10/14/2012 $2,509
10/17/2012 $4,087
10/18/2012 $2,874
10/19/2012 $2,506
10/20/2012 $2,775
10/22/2012 $2,874
10/23/2012 $7,395
10/25/2012 $1,500
10/29/2012 $3,754
11/1/2012 $3,018
11/2/2012 $3,045
11/3/2012 $2,949
11/4/2012 $3,205
11/5/2012 $3,457
11/7/2012 $2,430
11/12/2012 $3,057
11/15/2012 $2,792
11/19/2012 $2,846
11/20/2012 $2,596
11/22/2012 $3,415
11/24/2012 $3,177
11/26/2012 $2,342
11/27/2012 $2,450
11/29/2012 $3,625
11/30/2012 $7,395
12/2/2012 $4,008
12/3/2012 $2,425
12/4/2012 $2,569
12/5/2012 $4,010
12/7/2012 $8,449
12/10/2012 $3,224
12/11/2012 $2,425
12/12/2012 $2,909
12/13/2012 $2,495
12/15/2012 $3,285
12/17/2012 $1,842
12/18/2012 $3,263
12/19/2012 $3,040
12/21/2012 $5,317
12/23/2012 $3,096
12/26/2012 $2,103
12/27/2012 $3,185
12/29/2012 $2,412
12/30/2012 $3,243
12/31/2012 $1,475
1/1/2013 $2,708
1/2/2013 $5,003
1/4/2013 $3,140
1/5/2013 $2,626
1/6/2013 $3,434
1/7/2013 $3,291
1/8/2013 $4,690
1/9/2013 $3,299
1/10/2013 $3,279
1/11/2013 $2,642
1/12/2013 $4,153
1/13/2013 $2,849
1/14/2013 $4,231
1/15/2013 $2,976
1/16/2013 $2,819
1/17/2013 $3,533
1/18/2013 $2,351

Super Bowl Ticket Prices History

Below we take a look at Super Bowl ticket prices through the years. More historical data to come in the weeks ahead.

Super BowlYearAverage Price

Super Bowl XLVI (46) 2012 $2,900
Super Bowl XLVII (47) 2013 (to-date) $3,152

Infographic Text

The Guide To The Big Game XLVII

On February 3rd, an estimated 150,000 visitors will flock to New Orleans for the biggest game of the year.

After watching ticket sales, game stats, travel prices, and more, SeatGeek has crunched the data to give you a look at the numbers behind the big game.

The Lucky Ones: Face Value Tickets

An estimated 70,000 tickets were distributed: Where did they go?

    29 x 1.2%: Split between other 29 teams.
    25.2%: NFL (The NFL Distributes some of their allotment to affiliated companies: corporate sponsors, media charities, VIPs, etc.)
    17.5%: NFC Champion
    17.5%: AFC Champion
    5%: Host Team
    500 Tickets: Raffled by NFL at face value.

Face Values Since 1967

Have steadily risen.
Super Bowl XLVII: $1,015
After SB XLVII, New Orleans will tie Miami for the record of most big games hosted.
New Orleans (10), Miami (10), and greater Los Angeles (7) have hosted 27 of the 47 games.

For Everyone Else: The Secondary Market

Average Resale Prices
Cheapest Ticket Sold = $982 for an upper-level seat sold on January 21, 2013.
Priciest Ticket Sold = $10,912 for a Loge Club seat sold on January 22, 2013.
Secondary market tickets are selling at an average of $625 less than they were last year.

Average Price By Section

Plaza – Club = $6,325
Loge – Club = $5,075
Plaza = $3,455
Loge = $3,134
Upper Level = $2,315

This will be the 7th Super Bowl to be played at the Superdome.

Still considering going to The Big Game?

Join an unexpected record television audience watching the game on Sunday.
Total US Viewers:
2007 = 148 million
2008 = 151 million
2009 = 153 million
2010 = 162 million
2011 = 166 million

What is your budget for the trip?
Tight Budget (The path of saving money):
Flight to Houston, Texas – 5 hours from New Orleans
From Baltimore = $428
From San Francisco = $499
Cheapest Hotel, 1Hr From Stadium
Motel 6, Baton Rouge = $142 ($42 x 3 nights)
3-Day Rental Car and Gas
Nissan Versa = $131 ($17/day + $80 in gas)
Cheapest Seat = $1,982
Grand Total
From Baltimore = $2,683
From San Francisco = $2,754

No Budget (The path of convenience):
Non-stop Flight to New Orleans
From Baltimore = $1,575
From San Francisco = $3,062
Hotel Near Stadium With Availability
Wyndham La Belle Maison, New Orleans = $4,338 ($1446 x 3 nights)
Great Seat, 50YD Line = $6,200
Grand TotalAnd the craziest number yet

The price one suite was listed at for the Big Game = $406,000
That’s enough cash to buy:

    50,750 Pat O’Brien’s hurricanes
    8 premium Saints season tickets for the next 17 seasons
    A private island in Belize
    A flying car
    Or 4 Mercedes Benz G-Class SUVs

Thanks for reading!
Head to to find the best deals on SB XLVII tickets.

VIDEO: We Discuss Super Bowl Ticket Prices out in Indy in 2012


Super Bowl 2013 News and Updates

Wow; what we have seen by Week 13! Yes, it is Week 13 already; it’s time to start
thinking about Super Bowl XLVII. Fans have a pretty good idea of which teams have
shots to extend their season and which teams are in rebuilding mode. Teams like
the Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, and the New York Jets have already
thought about their future. From said teams, players have been cut, coaches have
been warned, and players have been benched. There are divisions like the NFC East,
whom despite having the best on-paper teams, is totally up for grabs. Then there are
teams like the 9-1 Houston Texans, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, and
Chicago Bears, whom all seem to have a playoff spot locked up already.

Over this season, we have seen many matchups that could look to be a preview to
Super Bowl XLVII: We have seen Bears vs. Texans, Broncos vs. Falcons, Giants vs.
Steelers, and Texans vs. Packers. One striking similarity between the dominant
teams in the AFC and NFC?: Strength and relentless of the defensive unit. They
exploit the offenses’ weaknesses, and oh-boy, do these teams do it well. The Texans’
and Broncos’ seemingly flawless front seven, the Packers’ pass rush, the Falcons’
and Giants’ secondary, the Bears and 49ers speed, strength, and discipline.

We have arrived at the point in the season when a team’s season may depend on
a single play. The real battle begins now for who can get to the post season and
eventually who can battle their way to New Orleans for their name to be written on
the Vince Lombardi trophy. The fan population for football has shot up this year,
due to the electrifying upsets and the nail biting finishes we’ve seen through Week
13. We can only wait to see whom will be the two teams fighting to bring pride
to their hometown and celebrate on the ride back from their hometown to New

Super Bowl Venue 2013

Super Bowl 2013 Venue Superdome in New Orleans
The 47th Super Bowl will be played in New Orleans at the famous Superdome. Details, capacity and seating chart information can be found below.

  • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Superdome
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Read more about the Super Bowl 2013 location >

Super Bowl 2013 Seating Chart

Super Bowl 2013 Seating Chart Superdome

Super Bowl 2013 Seating Capacity

Normally the Superdome holds 72,003 people so that is roughly what to expect for the Super Bowl. We are going to do some research and update on any seating capacity nuances related to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVII (47) Tickets Guide

Super Bowl 2013 Information

  • Interesting Facts: This will be the record 10th time New Orleans has hosted the Super Bowl
  • The Mardi Gras schedule will be adjusted to accommodate
    this event

A Recap of Super Bowl XLVI Ticket Prices

The average ticket prices for Super Bowl XLVI ended up being $2900, due to a late decline.

The drop in prices on gameday really had a profound impact on the overall price picture once the dust all settled. As we’d talked about all last week, we were seeing record average prices for SB tickets through Friday afternoon, with that average sitting somewhere near $3,300 — in line to be a record out of all events we’ve tracked in the last 3 years. But inclusive of Sunday’s sales, the overall average settled in at just a few cents north of $2,900.

The absolute firesale in prices yesterday really caught us by surprise. I know we’d expected tickets to drop in that window before gametime, but not so dramatically. I read reports saying tickets were selling for face value outside of the stadium, which is almost unheard of for a Super Bowl.

2 specific notes of interest on the firesale:
The average price we’ve seen tickets selling on gameday was $1,709. That price is just at 50%, or $1,705 less than the highest daily average which we saw during the week prior to the Super Bowl (on Wednesday, when prices averaged $3,414).
As could be expected, prices all around the stadium plummeted yesterday. We saw tickets on our site on gameday for under $1,000–end zone tickets that were selling for $2,000 just a few days prior. And $1,700 on Gameday would have bought a club seat on the 30 yard line of the 200 level–a seat that was generally selling for $5,000 just days prior. $2,000 would have gotten easily gotten you a seat in the lower level on gameday.
When you look at overall averages (the average of all tickets sold over the past 3 months), the drop in prices on gameday actually drove SB XLVI’s average price below that of last year’s game. Last year’s game averaged $3,067, and based on averages that include the gameday firesale, the average price for a SB XLVI ticket closed at $2,900. That overall average for SB XLVI was as recently as Friday in the $3,350 range – so the firesale dragged down the overall average $450.

In sum, it’s hard to draw to any concrete reasons behind the dip, though the tight availability of affordable lodging in the local area likely prevented a lot of those “last minute” buyers from making the trip in on a lark and hope that they could secure a last minute ticket. Some people have also speculated that there was some relative apathy from Boston fans as their teams have played in a ton of championship games in recent years, and that those fans were less inclined to shell out big bucks to travel this time around.

Below is our past, prior to the Super Bowl ending:

At SeatGeek, we’re huge fans of taking our rich, unique ticketing data and using it to unearth cool new insights about fan demand for sports, concert and event tickets. Considering the massive level of excitement around this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI matchup between the New England Patriots and New York Giants, we wanted to use or ticket data as part of a deeper look into how much a trip to Indianpolis will really cost for fans. So, we decided to do just that with this infographic (if you are looking for the quick answer, the average 2012 Super Bowl ticket price is $4607 right now).

Super Bowl Tickets Prices + Travel/Accommodations

WF – Credit to Ryan Whitney for designing this infographic!

Historical Super Bowl Ticket Prices

2012 Super Bowl Ticket Prices

As of 2/1/2012 4:09 PM

  • Avg. Listing Price: $4607
  • Get-in Price (cheapest available Super Bowl Ticket): $2299
  • Avg. Selling Price on SeatGeek: $3150

These high prices are being boosted by strong demand among New York fans relative to Pats fans.

2011 Super Bowl Ticket Prices

  • Avg. Selling Price on SeatGeek: $3060
  • This is just below the 2012 price so far

Last year we looked at what a Super Bowl 35 ticket was worth in more detail.

What Is A Super Bowl XLV Ticket Worth?

Super Bowl Ticket prices are always insanely high but you’re thinking about paying up to get your hands on Super Bowl XLV tickets. One of the questions you might be asking yourself right now is, is it worth it?  What is the opportunity cost (in terms of football games) of my decision?  How many Pittsburgh Steelers tickets can I get for the price of a Super Bowl XLV ticket?  How many Green Bay Packers tickets can I get for a Super Bowl XLV ticket?  If you’re in this boat, you’ve come to the right place.
EDITOR NOTE: The average prices below represent the average listing prices at the time of this post.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Super Bowl XLV Ticket Prices

1 Super Bowl XLV Ticket Equals:

  • 19.55 Patriots @ Steelers Games
  • 23.49 Steelers Home Games
  • 16.43 Vikings @ Packers Games
  • 24.47 Packers Home Games
  • 36.7 Packers @ Steelers Games (In 2009 terms)

In terms of price, it seems like the best deal would be to attend 24 Packers Home Games or 23 Steelers Home Games.  If it were possible to attend 36 Packers @ Steelers games in your lifetime, then go for it, but that feat would be very unlikely.  However, in order to rationalize to ourselves a $5000+ per person expenditure, we must deconstruct the Super Bowl in terms of utility per dollar, quite simply the bang for our buck as a dynamic experience versus a static price on a graph.

Super Bowl XLV Experience Highlights:

  • Repping Your Team
  • Prestige/Bragging Rights
  • Halftime Show
  • Best Game of the Year
  • Texas
  • Warm Weather
  • Festivity
  • Memories

If any of these highlights are important to you, the $5000+ is worth it, and you know it.  If not, put your money into your children’s college funds; they’ll need it one day.  But seriously, it’s the SUPER BOWL!

One last interesting calculation that I’ll leave you with is the Avg Packers/Steelers Home Game Price Ratio = .959. Despite the Super Bowl XLV spread in favor of the Packers -2.5, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a higher average home ticket price than the Green Bay Packers.  How does winability affect average ticket price?  Are there other more important factors?

Leave a comment down below with your favorite super bowl stories (if you’ve been to a game) or your take on Super Bowl ticket prices.