Super Bowl Ticket prices are always insanely high but you’re thinking about paying up to get your hands on Super Bowl XLV tickets. One of the questions you might be asking yourself right now is, is it worth it?  What is the opportunity cost (in terms of football games) of my decision?  How many Pittsburgh Steelers tickets can I get for the price of a Super Bowl XLV ticket?  How many Green Bay Packers tickets can I get for a Super Bowl XLV ticket?  If you’re in this boat, you’ve come to the right place.
EDITOR NOTE: The average prices below represent the average listing prices at the time of this post.

Super Bowl XLV Ticket Prices

1 Super Bowl XLV Ticket Equals:

  • 19.55 Patriots @ Steelers Games
  • 23.49 Steelers Home Games
  • 16.43 Vikings @ Packers Games
  • 24.47 Packers Home Games
  • 36.7 Packers @ Steelers Games (In 2009 terms)

In terms of price, it seems like the best deal would be to attend 24 Packers Home Games or 23 Steelers Home Games.  If it were possible to attend 36 Packers @ Steelers games in your lifetime, then go for it, but that feat would be very unlikely.  However, in order to rationalize to ourselves a $5000+ per person expenditure, we must deconstruct the Super Bowl in terms of utility per dollar, quite simply the bang for our buck as a dynamic experience versus a static price on a graph.

Super Bowl XLV Experience Highlights:

  • Repping Your Team
  • Prestige/Bragging Rights
  • Halftime Show
  • Best Game of the Year
  • Texas
  • Warm Weather
  • Festivity
  • Memories

If any of these highlights are important to you, the $5000+ is worth it, and you know it.  If not, put your money into your children’s college funds; they’ll need it one day.  But seriously, it’s the SUPER BOWL!

One last interesting calculation that I’ll leave you with is the Avg Packers/Steelers Home Game Price Ratio = .959. Despite the Super Bowl XLV spread in favor of the Packers -2.5, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a higher average home ticket price than the Green Bay Packers.  How does winability affect average ticket price?  Are there other more important factors?

Leave a comment down below with your favorite super bowl stories (if you’ve been to a game) or your take on Super Bowl ticket prices.