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Friends, family and food are all great, but if those don’t  quite live up to expectations, there is an amazing day of sports watching (at high demand) to fall back on and possibly some midnight madness dancing like my man Kemba Walker. Kemba gets a special shout-out for absolutely crushing the Maui Invitational (which technically came to an end on Thanksgiving) by coming 1 point short of 4 straight 30 straight games and pulling off a scoring record which past UConn stars like Ben Gordon, Rudy Gay, Caron Butler, RIP Hamilton, Ray Allen and Donyell Marshell could not achieve. See a full discussion of Kemba’s dominance over at SLAM online. Sorry for the divergence, here’s the list of top games to look out for today across all sports.

Thanksgiving NFL Games

New England Patriots at Detroit Lions at 12:30 ET on CBS (see also: Detroit Lions: The Unluckiest Team in the NFL?)
New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys at 4:15 ET on FOX
Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets at 8:20 PM on NFL TV (see also: New York Jets: The Luckiest Team in the NFL?)
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Thanksgiving NBA Games

Washington Wizards (with John Wall!) at Atlanta Hawks at 8:00 ET on TNT
Sacramento Kings at LA Clippers (Blake Griffin) at 10:30 ET on TNT
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Thanksgiving NHL Games

Colorado Avalanche at Edmonton Oilers at 9:00 PM ET
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Thanksgiving College Football Games

Texas A&M (17) at Texas at 8:00 PM ET

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College Basketball

Boston College at Texas A&M at 12:00 PM ET
Georgia at Notre Dame at 7:00 PM ET
Temple (21) at California
The whole league needs to be shook right now with how good Kemba Walker and UConn are playing. The action is going to amazing this year so make sure you check out SeatGeek for college basketball tickets.

What will you be watching today? Is Kemba Walker a better dancer than John Wall? Would be curious to here your thoughts below.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone and if drinks or sports aren’t your thing, you can fall back on the always fun Bond marathon on SyFy. For England James…