With teams settling into new looks from LA to Ohio, let’s examine the field for our most likely Super Bowl LIII champs ahead of the NFL draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles

It’s tough to bet against any Philly team lately, but it’s especially tough to bet against a team that won the Super Bowl without their MVP-caliber quarterback. Whatever your feelings about Nick Foles, it’s no question that Carson Wentz is the superior talent. Add Wentz to a Super Bowl winning team and you get… a potential Super Bowl winning team. Between the incredible coaching of Doug Pederson, the fierce defensive line led by Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox, and an offense powered by running back Jay Ajayi and young QB Carson Wentz, the Eagles look even better coming into this season than they did in their 2017 Super Bowl championship campaign.

The New England Patriots

Would it be a credible list without New England? Probably not. After all, the Patriots have the year-over-year unrecognized MVP of the league, Bill Belichick. They were within a single play of yet another Super Bowl championship this year, and, outside the losses of Brandin Cooks and Malcolm Butler, they have almost exactly the same team heading into the 2018 regular season. If Tom Brady can continue to play at a top five QB level at the age of 41, they will maintain their place as a top five NFL offense. Even the loss of defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is a welcome change given his putrid defensive play-calling throughout the season and especially in the playoffs. Trust Belichick to position his team for another Super Bowl berth.

The Los Angeles Rams

Outside of Carson Wentz, the best young QB prospect in the league is probably Jared Goff. Under the tutelage of head coach Sean McVay, Goff rocked a QB rating of over 100 last season and is in an even better position this year with Brandin Cooks joining the team’s receiving core. Cooks is a blazing fast WR that opens up the deep passing game like few others can. At the same time, the Rams added the best defensive player available in free agency, Ndamukong Suh, the defensive lineman with an unreal ability to get to the opposing quarterback. Suh was almost single-handedly responsible for the Dolphins’ incredible win over the Patriots last season and he’ll be bringing that same game-changing defensive fire to his new squad in LA. Behind Goff, Suh, and Pro-Bowler running back Todd Gurley, the Rams might be the hottest team in the NFC.

The Minnesota Vikings

It’s an NFC-heavy list and deservedly so. The Vikings barely scraped passed the Saints last year before being manhandled by the Eagles in the conference finals, but don’t forget they had Case Keenum where they now have Kirk Cousins. Minnesota had a top NFL defense last year and all their best pieces were fitting in flawlessly whenever the game was on the line; Stefon Diggs and Sheldon Richardson played their tails off in the postseason. Heading into the new year with an underrated talent at quarterback and a fantastic head coach could spell the difference between a loss in the conference finals and taking it all the way.