With ten weeks of the NFL season already behind us and too many surprises to count (the Eagles are 8 – 1, the Giants are 1 – 8), we look forward to the final seven weeks of play with a maddening curiosity. Let’s predict the most significant games left.

Week 11: Falcons at Seahawks

Matt Ryan’s Falcons have not been looking as hot as expected, but, after a resounding win over the Cowboys, let’s keep in mind what last year’s NFC champions can do. It only takes a win here to inspire a streak that could lead Atlanta back into the playoffs. For the Seahawks, this first game without Richard Sherman will prove whether or not Russell Wilson has what it takes to lead his team back to the NFC Championship for the first time since 2014. Look for a big game from Julio Jones against this hobbled Seahawks secondary.

Honorable Mentions

Rams at Vikings
Patriots at Raiders

Week 12: Vikings at Lions

As of last week, Teddy Bridgewater was active on the Vikings’ roster for the first time in 442 days. But since the group is doing just fine without him, they will likely keep Case Keenum in the driver’s seat until a major loss befalls them. Enter the Lions. Matt Stafford is seriously underperforming against teams of any stature, with losses to the Steelers, Saints, and Panthers in recent weeks. After Aaron Rodgers’ injury threw the Packers out of the running, these two teams are looking to make a definitive statement as to who has the best crew in the NFC North. Watch Matt Stafford make a case for his $27 million salary.

Honorable Mentions

Bills at Chiefs

Week 13: Panthers at Saints

Drew Brees and the Saints’ offense have been absolutely shellacking defenses this season, including a 47 – 10 win over the Bills last weekend, and have won seven straight. But in this matchup, they’ll be facing the number one defense in the NFL and their deadliest rivals in the NFC South. When Cam Newton plays like the MVP he can be, Carolina has no ceiling, but the superstar QB has been extremely inconsistent going back to last season. Now facing week 11, they have two wins behind them and two easy games ahead of them. If they can get into a flow, I’m taking Carolina to eek out a win in this rematch from week 3.

Honorable Mentions

Redskins at Cowboys
Eagles at Seahawks

Week 14: Eagles at Rams

We all thought Carson Wentz was looking good, but few of us thought he’d make this leap into the stratosphere. As the number one team in the NFL, and after acquiring Jay Ajayi from the Dolphins for pennies on the dollar, Philadelphia is knocking on the Super Bowl door. Perhaps equally surprising is that the Los Angeles Rams – a superstar-less team in its sophomore year at their stadium – is tied for second-best in the NFC with a record of 7 – 2. Superstar-less but not star-less. Todd Gurley has become the running back that everyone thought he could be, on pace for over 1400 rushing yards this season at his current average. Expect Gurley to take it to the Eagles’ box but fall short of the 3rd down conversion machine that is Carson Wentz in this potential playoff preview.

Honorable Mentions

Raiders at Chiefs
Vikings at Panthers

Week 15: Steelers at Patriots

Big Ben Roethlisberger has taken a lot of flack. He’s been consistently off in key moments, and the Steelers’ red zone woes are becoming an NFL meme. But Pittsburgh clearly has the most potent offense in the NFL, with arguably the best back in the league in Le’Veon Bell and a top 3 receiver in Antonio Brown, so there isn’t much room for excuses. The Patriots, on the other hand, are last year’s champions and this year’s favorites (every year’s favorites?), and not many teams can give them a run for their money, so Belichick will be especially prepared for this matchup. Take heed of Max Kellerman, Mr. Brady. Your months as an elite QB are likely numbered. Both of these NFL juggernauts will be looking for a statement win in what could easily be a rematch in this year’s AFC Championship.

Honorable Mentions

Rams at Seahawks
Cowboys at Raiders

Week 16: Bills at Patriots

When a team sees the Patriots on their calendar, they circle that week, but perhaps no team circles it in darker ink than their AFC East neighbors in Buffalo. The Bills are looking like a playoff contender for the first time since 1999. But if they want a shot at breaking through to the coveted top spot in their division, they have to get through the most dominant franchise in recent NFL history (and maybe all-time). With a win in week 16, the Bills could be giving us a glimpse of what the future of the AFC looks like. Look to Tom Brady and Julian Edelman to thwart the Bills’ AFC East takeover… for now.

Honorable Mentions

Seahawks at Cowboys
Raiders at Eagles

Week 17: Jaguars at Titans

The Jaguars offense is clicking in a funky and entertaining way. They ran a fake punt for a 58-yard touchdown in the first quarter of last week’s game against the Chargers and took the close win in overtime. They are feeling real good after winning four of their last five, including a 30 – 9 win over the Steelers. In Tennessee, Mariota is playing superhero ball whenever the Titans need him to. Last week, they beat the Bengals with a 4th quarter drive that featured a couple monster passes to make it four wins in a row since Mariota’s return. In this final game of the season, stakes is high, as it could easily determine who gets a trip to the playoffs.

Honorable Mentions

Cowboys at Eagles
Falcons at Panthers