Taking in an NHL game is an experience, something that’s often a special occasion. As such, you should take in everything a venue has to offer – from its pre-game activities to team pro shops to its signature food and drink choices. If you’re not sure what to look out for when it comes to the latter, you’ve clicked on the right article. Check out our list of NHL venues with the best food choices (in our humble opinion) below.

Bridgestone Arena (Nashville Predators)

Nashville, TN may be known for its amazing music scene, but it’s also home to a wonderful NHL fanbase. At Bridgestone Arena, games are often sold out, with rabid Preds fans lining up to consume everything the venue has to offer. This includes some fantastic food options.

If you ask any Predators fan what to get from the various concession stands around Bridgestone, most of them will immediately recommend the Nashville hot chicken sandwich. This spicy, savory sandwich is a staple of the city and the arena’s spin on it certainly does the local dish justice. However, it’s not the only fantastic food option. If you’re in the mood for another chicken dish, grab an order of the chicken-and-waffles.

Air Canada Centre (Toronto Maple Leafs)

With a team on the rise thanks to young stars like Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, Maple Leaf fans have a lot to be excited about night in and night out. Yet, the quality of play and hopes for the future aren’t the only things that leave this fan base smiling. At the iconic Air Canada Centre, the delectable food options help keep fans content whether the team is winning or not.

So, what does Air Canada Centre have that you need to try? One word: poutine. Poutine, poutine, poutine. If you’re not familiar with this Canadian delight, it’s a dish that combines French fries, cheese curds, and savory gravy. The venue has multiple versions of this delicious meal and even offers a poutine dog. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a hot dog featuring the cheese curd and gravy combination. It’s a must try.

Rogers Arena (Vancouver Canucks)

Lobster rolls. Seriously–Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks, has lobster rolls. A quick Google search didn’t yield results for any other NHL stadiums featuring them, so if you have the chance to take in a game at Rogers, do yourself a favor and order one of these amazing hot dog-style “sandwiches” featuring fresh lobster meat.

You may think that’d be enough to sell you on Rogers Arena as one of the best NHL food venues, but there’s more. If lobster rolls aren’t your thing, how about a “perogy dog?” This hot dog is topped with cheese, potato pierogis (a Polish dumpling), sauerkraut, and ham. Most Canucks fans are likely to recommend this unique take on the common arena and ballpark food, as well as another called the “croquet monsieur dog” that’s topped with ham and gruyere cheese.

Nationwide Arena (Columbus Blue Jackets)

When you think of Columbus, Ohio, you don’t often associate it with a signature food. However, Nationwide Arena, home of the Blue Jackets, features multiple signature foods that have given it the reputation as one of the best venues to eat at in the country.

You ever hear of the Dancing Kevin? It’s a sandwich named after a, um, dedicated Blue Jackets fan who became locally famous for his crazy dance routines and high-profile antics during home games. Well, his sandwich might be even crazier than he is. On the Dancing Kevin, you’ll find ham, bacon, pulled pork, and mozzarella sticks. Oh, did we mention that it all sits atop a soft pretzel bun?

If you’re looking for a quick snack as opposed to a full meal, we recommend the bacon on a stick. It’s exactly what it sounds like: thick, center cut bacon on a stick. Simple, yet effective.

KeyBank Center (Buffalo Sabres)

What are you going to find a lot of at the home of the Buffalo Sabres (formerly known as Marine Midland Arena, HSBC Arena and First Niagara Center)? Buffalo wings, obviously. You won’t be able to take 10 steps in First Niagara Center without running into a stand or vendor that offers meaty, spicy buffalo wings. However, they’re not the only things worth getting at the venue.

If you’re up for an adventurous dessert, try the cotton candy waffle cone. This thing is insane. It’s a large waffle cone made out of cotton candy, filled with your choice of Perry’s Ice Cream, and topped with Pop Rocks. It might not seem like an ideal treat for an NHL game but, from what I hear, you have to try it at least once.