Ticket Demand for 2013 SEC Championship Game

Eenie, meenie, minie, moe,  which one of these Tigers will be ready to go? This weekend in Atlanta, one of the better comeback stories in recent memories will be completed, as last year’s conference doormats will meet to contest the 2013 SEC Championship in the Georgia Dome. The Auburn Tigers – just a few years removed from a BCS National Championship but more recently winless in their 2012 SEC campaign – will face the Missouri Tigers, a team which only managed two conference victories last season in their freshman year in the Southeast. Although they have arrived here in very different ways, both teams enter the matchup with only one loss and an outside chance to qualify for the BCS championship game in the Rose Bowl if the chips fall just so. The lack of a marquee name may explain the 9 percent decline in average ticket prices compared to last weekend’s Iron Bowl, but this is by far Missouri’s most hyped game of the season, coming it almost four times higher than their most demanded home game.

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Gus Malzahn was the offensive coordinator when Cam Newton led the Auburn Tigers to the BCS title in January, 2011. After a couple of seasons away learning the ropes as a head coach, Malzahn has returned to Auburn and quickly brought the program back to relevance after an 0-8 SEC record last year. Auburn has a relentless running game that attacks from all angles, led by quarterback Nick Marshall. The passing game can be opened up by the complex running attack and is capable of big plays. With their only loss coming against LSU this season, Auburn is riding an unprecedented wave of good fortune into this weekend’s title tilt. You can catch the highlights below, and it’s fair to say that their come from behind victory against Georgia in the final seconds, combined with this weekend’s Iron Bowl victory over Alabama with a touchdown on the last play of the game, have some talking about these Tigers as a team of destiny.

Because both teams have one loss, their SEC victory alone will not be enough to put them in the BCS title game to contend for the conference’s eighth straight national championship. Losses by either Ohio State in the Big Ten title game or Florida State in the ACC championship will be necessary for the winner of this matchup to qualify. However, neither of those conference title games – or the PAC 12 for that matter, compares to the demand and average ticket price for an SEC ticket. If you add up the Big Ten ($204), ACC ($71), and PAC 12 ($109) average ticket prices, it’s still less than the SEC’s $413 average. Auburn shares a deep and close rivalry with the Georgia Bulldogs, so expect the crowd to be heavy on fans yelling “War Eagle,” cheering on their Iron Bowl champions in hopes of something even bigger. The ticket market is showing that bias, with nearly 40% of demand coming from the state of Alabama, about 20% from Georgia, and less than 10% from Missouri. Holler for your southeast alums to open their wallets, Mizzou, because the natives aren’t coming in large enough packs.

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